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የአቶ በረከት ስምዖን ሽሙጥ
Christian and Muslim Council in Washington DC
Can the Ethiopian change his skin or leopard its spots?
Ethiopians March in Solidarity with Libyans
Ethiopia: Threats against journalist are another attack on freedom of expression
Internal Colonization
Ethiopian and Californian elections – similarities & differences
Thank god I am not religous
AADWA a political bridge for Ethiopia, I
Ethiopian Oromo rebellion 'on last legs'
Ethiopia Human Rights Report
Ethiopian Students Kidnapped By Security Forces For Protesting
An open letter to Senator John Kerry
በቴክሳስ ሕዝባዊ ስብሰባ ተካሄደ
የትዝብት አድማስ
ክቡር አዲስ አለማየሁ መቶኛ አበት ባዓል
Panorama -የትዝብት አድማስ
Ethiopia revisited
Seize the time – Challenge the dictator
"Abate Yachin Se’at"
ጥጃ-ለዘመን መለወጫ
ለመስከረም 3 ሰልፍ ጋባዣችን ህሊናችን ነው።
G7 Press Release
Memories of a generation on DVD
EPRP Youth League founded
Finote News Report
Washington DC March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship
Ethiopia - In Preparation for the 2010 Election
ጠላታችንን እንለይ!
Testimony to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in Collaboration with the Third World Solidarity regarding Ethiopia
Day of the African child: the unending plight of African children
Ethiopia plot suspects tortured, say relatives
An old Enemy could be a Good friend
2009 Laureate
Finote Zegeba(ፍኖተ ዘገባ)
ጋይም (ገብረ እግዚያብሔር ወልደ ሚኪዔል)
A commentary on the “Art of death”
Press Statement
Senior Ethiopia officers “plotted assassinations”
Ethiopia Dismisses Calls for UN Investigation of Rights Abuses
Fikare Vol16 No2
Ethiopian Adoption: Canadian Parents raise concerns
Meet the Enablers: World bank, IMF and European Union
Justice does not come without a cost
Press Statement
ለፍኖተ ዴሞክራሲ የሬዲዮ ስርጭት ወዳጆችና ደጋፊዎች!!
የህዝብ ድምጽ ይከበር መሪ መፍክራችን ይሁን!
IEWO Forum Today
Hawarya Editorial
EPRP's 36th Anniversary
EPRP's 36th Anniversary Event in DC
Ethiopia at the Millennium Plus One: Unite, Resolve, Promote and Persist to Uphold the United Ethiopia-Nation as the Cradle of the African National Imagination!
EPRP Norway
Tirunesh Writes her Name in the History Books in Gold
Documents regarding UEDF Shengo
Why Should All Ethiopians See the Border Issue as a Collective Threat to Our Existence as a Nation and People?
Toronto EPRP Public Meeting Report
Eritrea rejects US criticism of Djibouti clashes
Follow-up interview with film maker Chris Flaherty
Three killed in Ethiopia blast
Ethiopian refugees chased out of a South Africa town
CALL ME BY MY NAME: Solutions with Debteraw, XXVI
Great news at Fregenet
Ethiopia: Two newspaper editors, publisher arrested for libel
IEWO Pal talk event
In Ethiopia, does staying silent save lives?
Ethiopia arrests over 300 police for links with Ogaden rebels
EI deplores judicial dissolution of the ETA
Ethnic Violence in Rift Valley Is Tearing Kenya Apart
Eritreans, Ethiopians detainees face torture, deportation in Sudan
Ethiopian immigrant charged with killing father, sister in California
Ethiopia to maintain crackdown on Ogaden rebels: PM
Ethiopia harbors US secret prison - rights group
Australia to 'Temporarily' Refuse Refugees from Africa
64 Somalis, Ethiopian migrants die in Gulf of Aden
Four Ethiopian opposition groups create new structure
As Somali Crisis Swells, Experts See a Void in Aid
For Immediate Release, November 17, 2007
EPRP Press Release
Don’t Turn on Ethiopia
URGENT! For Immediate Release
Exchange rate for US dollars hits highest mark
From Snacks to free hot full meals - Lunch at Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School
Annuak Justice Council(AJC) Meeting
Congressmen Donald Payne and Chris Smith: Paragons of a New Era of U.S. Foreign Policy
Unlike Ethiopian Refugees...
In Support of HR2003
Public Satament
ETC's Corruption: An Inconvenient Truth
Ethiopian theology students hunger strike
Vigil for Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie
Pages from Mestawot
IEWO Broadcast
Ethiopia and Eritrea: Stopping the Slide to War
Unity of the opposition garatees victory
Alert - Mass Arrest of Muslims is Underway
Ethiopians in north want no repeat of border war
Slain Ethiopian troops paraded in Mogadishu streets
On the worsening situation in the Horn of Africa
EPRP Press Release
Waiting for War
Stop U.S. Support of Human Rights Violations in the Horn of Africa
Origins of current CUDP crisis
Stop Detaining and Deporting Ethiopian Refugees in the Sudan!
UEDF(hibret) Press Release
IEWO Radio Broadcast
Open Letter to Senator James Inhofe
Ethiopian rebels claim killing 140 govt troops
Seeds for Democratization in Ethiopia
The Beginning of the End of a Brutal Dictatorship
Stop U.S. support of human rights violations Ethiopia!
The Flood Victim Afars of Ethiopia Need Urgent Humanitarian Responses!
National Press Club "MORNING NEWSMAKER" Media Briefing
Vote for our Heros!!
WTC to do a fund raising for The Fregenet Foundation
Zenawi Enlists Oklahoma Senator to kill HR2003
Resentment and rations as Eritrea nears a crisis
Eritrea security chief survives assassination bid
Ethiopia's elite letting down their country
Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights
IEWO's Radio Broadcast of
CALL ME BY MY NAME: A debate with Debteraw, XVIII
WUHIDET Incubated Kestedemena's -Attempted Coup De-etat
UNHCR condemns Sudan’s recent deportation of Ethiopian refugees
Dismissive Ethiopia tests US indulgence
Appeal for Ethiopian Refugees
Update on Ethiopian Refugees in the Sudan
Ethiopia's 'secret war' forces thousands to flee
The Substance of HR 2003
Ethiopian activists now detained for over two years
IEWO's Broadcast of October 7, 2007
In Minneapolis on a Thursday: If Some Truth be told about Kinjit Delegation’s Trip to see Eng. Hailu Shawel
Sudan Deported 15 Ethiopian political Refugees
Increased Threats to Civil Liberties Exacerbate Poor Governance in Ethiopia
Open Letter to Donald Payne and Chris Smith
Eritrea's Economic Survival
Washington Update -U.S. House of Representatives passes H.R. 2003
Ethiopia and the State of Democracy: Effects on Human Rights and Humanitarian Conditions in the Ogaden and Somalia
Kinjit Supprt Forum Atlanta Press Release
Urgent Action!!
Let us stop fanning the flame in Kinijit
What should I have to say, if the chaff ridiculed the grain?
Ethiopia says may call off Eritrea border pact
UN Report on the Ogaden
Is the Saint of South L.A. for Real?
ዝም ለማለት ከቶ እንዴት ይቻላል?
ENC Press Release
At the bottom of the list is Ethiopia
UN seeks Ethiopia abuses inquiry
Humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region worsens - UN
IEWO's Radio Broadcast and Aniversary Event
Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel
Kinijit Europe Itinerary
Reporters Without Borders Press release
KINJIT Delegation Press Release #4 and Itinerary
SOCEPP Press Release on the Ogaden
Ethiopia to deploy 5000 troops in Darfur
Ethiopian Millennium Served Up Knowledge Buffet
Why We Don't Hear About the Conflict in the Ogaden?
Somali Islamists, opposition form new alliance
Ethiopia's isolated Ogaden: refugees tell tale of repression
UEDF Statement on the New Millenium
IEWO Broadcast of September 9, 2007
Ethiopia rings in new millennium
Illegal Ethiopians on way to an uncertain future back home
Washington update
EZ Post has a revealing inteview with Professor, Gizachew "", Kinijit's Head of Organizational Affairs
Hawarya Editorial
IEWO Broadcast of September 2, 2007
Hailu Shawel gets the clearance to travel to the US
Ethiopian opposition leader takes fight abroad
Kinjit Delegation Press Release
Villages deserted, burned in Ethiopia's Ogaden - MSF
Ottawa Declares September 11th, 2007 Ethiopian Mellinuim Day
UN Assessing Needs of Civilians in Ethiopia's Ogaden Region
Ethiopia's Defar runs away with gold in 5,000 meters
Norway Slashes Development Aid to Ethiopia
San Jose, California Celebrates Ethiopian Mellinium
EPPF International disassociates from the EPPF leadership in Eritrea.
Ethiopia to kick beggars off street for Millennium
Ethiopia postpones annual Great Run race ahead of millennium security concerns
African migrants adrift for three days rescued after call to friend in UK
Eritrean exodus gathering speed: aid agencies
Ethiopian Mellinium in Toroto, Canada
Ethiopia accuses Norway of 'destablising' region
Ethiopian Women for Peace, Justice and Democracy Calls for Prayer
IEWO Broadcast August 19, 2007
Updates on Ethiopian Millennium Celebration
Free But Not Allowed to Roam
Ethiopia orders Norwegian diplomats to Leave
DLA Piper Klien Letter
Insida Mellinium Celebration Program
Political Violence and Democratic Uncertainity in Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, one man's model for a just society
Expelled Eritreans seek damages from Ethiopia
Eritrea rejects US terror charge
U.S. considers putting Eritrea on terrorism list
Vote Here!
Signifying the New Ethiopian Millennium
Ethiopia Battles Suspected Islamic Extremists
Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium
IEWO Broadcasts (August 12, 2007)
Reporters Without Borders-Press release
CUD Leadership North America Tour Directive
OLF Press Release
IEWO Broadcast of August 5, 2007
Update on Ethiopian Refugees in the Sudan
Of Lies, Promised Joy, “Shimagles”, Pardons and Bananas
Reflection on the 7th Badir International Ethiopian Muslims conference
Ethiopian runner remains undefeated in half marathons
Graduation Day at the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School
To Ethiopians in America, Bread Is a Taste of Home
Rumblings of trouble in Africa
U.S.-Ethiopia: A Double-Edged Partnership
Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Prof. Mammo Muchie, Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)
URGENT! For Immediate Release
IEWO Event
ICRC deplores expulsion from Somali Regional State
How spies haunt Ethiopia's docile opposition MPs
NES Commentary #8
Deal Near on Food for Sealed Area of Ethiopia
Interview with W/T Birtukan Medeksa
"Ethiopian Millennium Day" Proclaimed by Mayor Adrian
Remembering and honoring our heroes!
Bipartisan Duo of Ex-Congressional Heavyweights Blocking Action Against Ethiopia
Freed Ethiopian opposition condemn government "propaganda"
Red Cross asked to leave
IEWO's Radio Broadcast of July 22, 2007
Ethiopia is Said to Block Food to Rebel Region
Socepp-Canada on
Forcible return/Fear of torture/Arbitrary detention
UEDF(Hibret) Statement
Despite Pardons, Others Still Face Trial in Ethiopia
38 opposition members freed- with updates
Open Letter to US senate committee on Foreign Relations
Hearing, “Democratic Developments in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving Forwards or Backwards?”
Ethiopian Opposition Party Vows to Continue Peaceful Struggle
Statement on the unfolding reports of Human Tragedy in Ogaden
Alerts from the Sudan
Ethiopia says considering pardon of sentenced opposition leaders
Human Rights in Ethiopia: Another Casualty of the "War on Terror"?
Ethiopia needs to take seriously democracy and human rights
International Ethiopian Women's Organization's Radio Broadcasts
Report from today's (7/16/07) Court Session
Ethiopian opposition leaders get life sentence
Court sentences CUD leaders to life imprisonment
Somali peace meeting delayed again
Off with their heads, maybe
Where decent food costs three times the salary
Ethiopian Muslims to Meet in Jedah
Fallout from war on terror hits Ethiopia - U.S. ally battles its own insurgents
'Hundreds died' off Yemen coast
Socepp Canada Press Release
Ethiopian opposition figures face death penalty
Ethiopians in the Ogaden Need Our Help—Let Us Stand United Against the Terrorism of Our People!
Siye Abraha released
Ethiopia: Whose Prime Minister?
Ethiopian mom fights to get girls team in male-dominated soccer tournament
Ethiopia: Crackdown in East Punishes Civilians
Eastern Sudan farmers get back disputed lands from Ethiopia
Ethiopian rebels say Kill 43 troops; govt denies fighting
Ethiopia calls West's appeals for prisoners "shameful"
TPLF dissidents and other prominent Ethiopians forming a new party
Interview with Seblework Tadesse
Jailed Ethiopians 'to be freed'
Ethiopian opposition leaders may leave prison in days
Professor Mesfin's Letter from Kaliti
Oregon Resolution
Ethiopian Prisoners Sign Paper in Bid for Release
Rebels With a Cause: ONLF Video
Is Mr Nejib Mohammed representing the views of Ethio-American Muslims?
Africa and the “war on terror”
Discussion and Books Signing with Two Ethiopian Authors of new titles
EPRP Atlanta Public Meeting Report
Ethiopia - Fear and Cries of Army Brutality in Ogaden - NYT
Sebhat Nega stirs things up in Ethiopia
Melaku Teffera: Lessons in Brutality
Ethiopia Accepts UN Ruling To Turn Over Town To Eritrea
UEDF Press Release
State Department report on human trafficking in Ethiopia
A horrible Travesty of Justice!
KIL Press Statement
Ethiopian Women for Peace and democracy call for prayer
Ethiopian protest leaders guilty
Court finds kinijit leaders guilty
Socepp Canda Ethiopian panel discussion Report
Coalition for HR2003 urges attendance at the joint summit
LA Kinjit and Hibret Joint Vigil
ETA Message
GPUDF Press Release
Horror stories of torture hound Ethiopia...
Africa Liberation Day
Democracy in Ethiopia, Unplugged
Solidarity Committee Press Release
16 killed in attacks in eastern Ethiopia, say officials
Ethiopia honors victims of Marxist junta during ceremony in Meskel Square
Kinjit International's Tour of Australia
Collateral Damage
Amnesty appeals for Muslim detainees in Ethiopia
Amnesity International Report: Ethiopia 2007
Ethiopia: Second election anniversary shame on us!
EPRP Calls Its Former Members
Swedes 'were tortured' in Ethiopia
Reporters Without Borders-Press release
Ethiopia Detains Times Journalists for Five Days
Allegiance Rewarded
A leap of faith
One man's crusade to bring light to the poor of Africa
Somalia: The hidden war for oil
Ethiopians protest at African parliament over political prisoners
Ethiopia preparing the ground for another war against Eritrea
EPRP Atlanta Public Meeting
Famed Harlem church celebrates 200 years
Remembering Election 2005
Ethiopians Fear for Their Interfaith Oasis
Notice-to-Proceed Launches Ambitious Red Sea Crossing
Africa parliament says Ethiopia to fail in Somalia
UN Security Council press statement on Ethiopia-Eritrea
Lessons from May 2005 Ethiopian Elections: The Way Forward
Socepp Canada Press Release
Saudi Arabia beheads Ethiopian woman
Ethiopia and Eritrea ranked in the bottom 10 Worst Countries to Be a Mother
Ethiopia accused of torture
Ethiopia criticizes opposition parties over on Somalia
EU embraces Eritrea in search for Horn peace
Sweden urges Ethiopia to release 3 terror suspects
Ethiopia Named Biggest Backslider on Press Freedom
Scholars Refute Kanazawa's Theory of Intelligence and Health
The 10 countries where press freedom has deteriorated
Ethiopia blocks opposition Web sites: watchdog
Getting Ethiopia out of Somalia
'Halal' finance lures more and more followers
Recruited in Ethiopia, exploited in Yemen
Ethiopian rebels deny any role in grenade attack
Ethiopia - Opposition members begin defending themselves in political trial
Mogadishu battle 'not yet won'
Ottawa Public Discussion Meeting
9 freed after Ethiopian oil attack
Inside Africa's Guantánamo
Device explodes in eastern Ethiopian town; one dead
Death of a student sparks mass protest
The Coalition for H.R. 5680 is pleased to announce that effective immediately it will be
War in the Horn It just gets worse
Ethiopia Finds Itself Ensnared in Somalia
Ethiopia rescue attempt warning
Freed Ethiopian hostages return to Addis Ababa
Ethiopia says oil field attackers wearing Eritrean uniforms
Ethiopia hunts for seized Chinese oil workers
O.N.L.F. Statement On Military Operation Against Illegal Oil Facility In Ogaden
China oilfield in Ethiopia attacked
Ethiopia attack 'leaves 74 dead'
Chaos in Somalia as Fighting Intensifies and Death Toll Rises
8 Kidnapped Ethiopians released unharmed
Muslims' Issues are Far Fundamental than Millennium
Eritrea exits African bloc over Somalia dispute
Fighting in Somalian capital kills at least 12
Suicide Bomber Strikes Base in Somalia
Five Ethiopians die in Yemeni detention
Renewed fighting in Mogadishu kills 7
URGENT ACTION Call by Amnesity
Scores of Ethiopian troops flee Somalia to Yemen: report
Oromo Students Hold Rally On Mall
Paltalk Event: UEDF’s National Council Resolutions (April 2007)
Swedish Police in Ethiopia
Reports of torture in Ethiopia are widespread
35 Years of Struggle for Democracy
Press Statement by Ethiopian Free Journalists Association
Ethiopia in Somali 'genocide' row
Statement on the war in Somalia
UEDF National Council/Shengo Resolutions
Somalia gunfight claims civilians
Eritrea, Ethiopia feud threatens East African bloc
Justice, of sorts
Somalia Seized with Stasis
Ethiopia admits terror detentions
Ethiopia genocide charges dropped
Washington Update
U.S. allowed Ethiopian arms deal with North Korea
Eritrea-Ethiopia Battle Resumes in Tsorona
NJ Family Hears From Son Held in Ethiopian Prison
Outsourced Guantanamo
U.S. Agents Visit Ethiopian Secret Jails
A confidential TPLF document
Helicopter shot down in Somalia
Ethiopia now the number one target for al-Qaida
Afars Suffering Under Successive Ethiopian Regimes
Ethiopia ranked 119th out of 122 in Global Tech Study
The Afar forum - Calls for the release of Ethiopian Hostages and Political Prisoners.
Smugglers push Africans off boat
Archaeologists discover lost Islamic kingdom in Ethiopia
A Call for Unity!
Philadelphia Public Meeting
TAND Press Release(amharic pdf)
EPRP Public Meeting in Tronto
International Ethiopian Women's Organization
IEWO's Press Release(Amharic Pdf)
Indian Ocean Newsletter N? 1209
Solidarity with the fraternal people of Somalia
Denounce the travesty of Justice!
Interview with Ato Fasika Belete
CUDP and UEDF Norway Press Release
SOS: Cry of help from brothers in torture chamber
10 French tourists have been kidnapped in northern Ethiopia, say businessman and tour operator
Immigration intercepts 48 foreigners
Ethiopian Paltalk Groups call for unified action
New Book By Hama Tuma
Ethiopia: On a dilemma in the Horn
Ethiopian Millennium to be Celebrated by Ethiopians in Los Angeles
At least 112 drown in boat sinking off Yemen's coast
The First Word: Save us from the social workers
Bush's Somalia Strategy Enables an Ethiopian Despot
Interview with Ato Mersha Yosef
Marchers Call for Ethiopian Freedom
Ethiopia is accused of 'torturing and illegally jailing opponents of regime'
At least 15 people die including pregnant woman off the coast of Yemen
Testimony Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
A Sharp Eye On Ethiopia
Two of the three Ethiopian Defence
Flow of asylum seekers to South Africa grows in 2006
Somalia in danger of reverting to chaos, U.S. military says
Third World cash exodus 'points to laundering'
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