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Bereket Sile Amhara Ayagebahim!
ArticlesBereket Sile Amhara Ayagebahim!
Zeinab Amde

These were the words that started it all. These are the words of the Amhara military officers that were gathered for the off growth EPRDF appendix named the Amhara Nation Democratic Organization (ANDM) or BeADiN. At that meeting of evaluation or gimgema of the ANDM officials, the military generals who are now apprehended were furious in the abject absence of organizational independence of the ANDM from the TPLF.

Thus the clash began when these innocent military generals were seeking some kind of organizational independence from the TPLF and called out Bereket Simone that he shall not (cannot) attend the gimgema as he is not ethnically Amhara. They told him that he is in fact an Eritrean/Tigrean and he has no ethnic basis to belong to the ANDM. That was when these generals made a fetal mistake by thinking that they could be more EPRDF than the TPLF – just like being more Catholic than the Pope?

The development comes from ideas that have two mistaken beliefs – one is the baseless and childish belief by the ANDM officials that “ANDM” exists, which it does not except in the innocent and foolish minds of TPLF slaves, and the wrong belief that EPRDF exists, which it does not as there is no EPRDF but the TPLF.

Bereket run back to Addis Ababa and the rest is what unfolded as a coup, assassination, or all that garbage. What is understandable from all this is that no one shall be a fool to think that EPRDF exists as there are no other member organizations except the TPLF. An Amhara or Oromo military general could be thrown as garbage if he is not liked by a janitor in the TPLF. An Amhara or Oromo top official could be imprisoned by a Tigrean guard. Those who believe that the other appendices of the TPLF are real are only in dreamland only to be awakened by a jolt of reality.

Why is Bereket in the ANDM when he is an Eritrea/Tigrean? Which Amhara is in the TPLF polit-bureau? Why are there no non-Tigrean officials in key positions of influence?

Meles has no love for anyone, except only when he sees in you a weakness or an inability to be his rival. If you are someone who could be silent - and do not ask the magic question “why?” - and serve him, good! If you are corrupt and never pass the line and serve him, good! If you could be bought with any benefit and serve him, good! If you are not seen by your constituency as legitimate or acceptable, you could be a good servant without any threat of having support from anyone else. If you are half or full Eritrean, you are a good servant because you cannot think of life without Meles. Not that he has love for Eritrea or Eritreans, but because Eritreans have no constituency in Ethiopia and cannot think of toppling Meles. Now you can imagine how fast Bereket run to Meles as a dog to tell him, these generals told me “Ayagebahim!?

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