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7 Woodmount Ave Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1X4
Telephone No. 416 422 2962


A Canadian Human Rights Advocacy Organization

Unity for Human Rights and Democracy Toronto, would like to express its solidarity to the International campaign to free the jailed political leaders and human rights activists in Ethiopia. As part of this international movement, we salute you all who are holding torches of freedom high up glowing city streets. We hear echoes of the bells of democracy you are ringing and songs of peace you are singing. Your march for freedom is unprecedented and the drums you beat are calling for unity of all democratic forces.

All political prisoners incarcerated in the dungeons all over the country are counting on us to remember their plights every single day. They are appealing to us for the realization of their freedom. Their voices have been taken away by the Woyane tugs and remain voiceless. They are demanding for unity amongst all democratic forces for the common good of mother Ethiopia which is endangered with perils of Melles Zenawi's destructive policies.

The true sons and daughters of Ethiopia are converging at major city streets across the globe to denounce fascism. TPLF's wave of terror has continued unabated both in width and depth. TPLF is waging an all out war against Ethiopians and we are at a critical historical moment. It is a reality that fascism is digging its grave deeper never to resurrect Victory is in sight around the horizon. Fascism which has reigned for last 18 years is bidding farewell as it is fast losing ground every where. Ethiopians will soon recover their hard earned unity and freedom. They rightfully gain their pride which had been looted by the fascistic leaders our country ever had throughout its history. The time to rejoice our unity has come for real and we will not fail to protect it as our forefathers did against colonialism.

Obviously, TPLF leaders might run away to those cities the looted aid money has been amassed and hoarded. Well,they might think so, but that won't happen for real. The money they are looting belongs to the starving million children of Ethiopia. The world is not that big any more, as they might think. Criminals cannot run, let alone hide. Prosecution for genocide is awaiting them and tears mother Ethiopia has been shedding those long years will eventually dry up. We can't wait to see that time we all have long yearned for. Justice will be finally served and we will regain our human rights, freedom, peace and equality irrespective of ones religious, ethnic, political or regional affiliation.

Ethnic apartheid system of government will be history and the future generation will remember it as the darkest moment their ancestors have endured through what else we have learned from Mussolini and Grazian's cruelty against our forefathers! Once again, on the occasion of the May 15 international movement, we are renewing our determination to continue working together with all democratic forces. We will strengthen our lobbying tasks with the Canadian government and other opposition officials who have been championing the Ethiopian human rights issue on all forums available. We will join hands with concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies to expose those human rights abusers and looters who have made cities of Canada as their hub for retreat.

Victory to the Ethiopian People
Toronto, May 15, 2009

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