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Legitimizing the Injustices

Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw

May 8, 2009

Legitimizing the Injustices

        A scorpion asked a frog for help, to cross over the river, as it is unable to swim. No, no, you will sting me, said a frog. The scorpion promised, it would not sting the frog. Alright, hop up on my back, said a frog. At midway over the river, a scorpion stung the frog. You sting me, you sting me, the frog cried. I cannot help it, it is my nature, said the scorpion, and so both drown deep into the river.

          (Atifithe Tifa)

Yes, it is TPLF’s nature. At no time since its inception, the Tigrea Liberation Front (TPLF), ruling Ethiopia with iron fist, has spoken the truth. The recent alleged coup, which all of a sudden changed to “plotting to assassinate” unidentified “authorities” that led to the arrest of army officers and many citizens are not unanticipated news. This is an ordinary TPLF’s fallacious propaganda scheme to wish to gain an attention as usual when it is in a deep trouble. This arrest is not a surprise, because, technically, 80 million people are in prisons (except the members of TPLF). Apparently, TPLF is an organization founded on an ideal of deception, bewilderment, divisions, and it after all has continuous to inflict terror on the people of Ethiopia for eighteen years. The people and the world community very well know, TPLF is a pathological liar, and it is never to be embarrassed to tell bloodcurdling fabricated news and lies. Thus, “We won Badame, the Ethiopian economy has been growing 11.5 %” even at this time when the world’s economies are in downfall, the invasion of Somalia has been “successful”, “Ethiopia is enjoying democracy. Election is free and fair” and these are just a few examples of numerous TPLF’s deceptive reports.

They cannot help it, it is their nature; most often leaders are the products of their society, but not a kind of TPLF leaders. Ethiopians are very peace loving, religious, law abiding, and respects old and unable, children and woman. But, TPLF’s leaders do not have a slightest character of Ethiopian cultures. I come to understand the reason, they had their own monasteries cultures and behaviors built on when they were in isolation during their rebellious years. I am sure, they do not believe in God, but atheists do have a great respect for humanity. So, who are these people and where did they come from?

Instead of taking responsibility for its wrongs, TPLF likes to blame individuals, groups, organizations and political dissents for its own incompetence. Rather than working with other political groups and experts on varies fields to develop the economy and technology the country greatly needs, it intentionally makes them enemies. TPLF, who has proud as warmonger has no comprehension other than creating a war, and which it cannot win. We are acquainted listening for eighteen years the same phrases and languages; terrorist, hooligans, neftegnas, and etc. and now they added a new word in their vocabulary collections “desperadoes” calling those disagree with its political philosophy, or when they “dislike the color of their eyes” I am sure TPLF does not understand the meanings of these words, except finding them in a dictionary. Let us look the word terrorism by it self, and how it implies, in short, it is an act of an individual, group, organization and government that implement or impose its interest and ideas by use of force. Those speak out of injustice, stood for a democracy and human rights are by no means labeled terrorist. It’s an obligation of every man and woman and their rights to defend a value of humanity. On the other hand, it is TPLF that has been terrorizing the entire citizens for eighteen years. There is an Amharic proverb: “Ye abbabne Le emmama”. It is obvious; TPLF has committed scandalous crimes against humanity and shattered democratic values, and continues with its crimes of arbitrary arrests, disappearances, mass-killings, and imprisonment of citizens without due process of law. Who is then should be called a terrorist?

TPLF is its own enemy, and has no other enemy than itself. TPLF waged guerilla warfare against Dergue, but never won a war. It is surly would have won the war had it seek peace with the Ethiopian people, and has a will to establish justices and a democratic values the people have had fought for a long time. Now, effectively, TPLF is at war with the people of Ethiopia.

In any rate, it has been believed, TPLF revolted against despotic rule seeking justice, of course, that is not an accurate assessment of its struggle. Nevertheless, TPLF’s mutiny against Dergue should be said a struggle for its sole belief in a communist ideology; subsequently for it had wished to establish an Albanian style of State of a greater Tigrea. Essentially, it never fought for justice to free the people of Ethiopia. In contrary, the fact that, TPLF has had aborted the process of democracy that was started to undertake in the country. Nonetheless, the power bestowed upon TPLF by British and the USA in London conference was clearly stated for TPLF to institute a democratic government in the country. At that conference, handing over a power to TPLF was done hastily to prevent a power vacuum in the country after Dergue surrendered a power, and that, it was because no other an alternate political group(s) that had been organized to replace a military dictator. That it was an open opportunity with a right time for TPLF to grab a state power. Now, after eighteen years, TPLF has not kept its mandate and promises, and it is necessitate for the people of Ethiopia to resume a struggle for democracy, justice, and ultimately bring to an end of ethnocentric corrupt regime of TPLF. It is only natural for human being to fight injustice, live free from despotic and brutal regime. “What is good for the goose is good for a gander”. Who gave the right to TPLF to revolt against a constitution during a Dergue brutal government? Was TPLF then a terrorist organization, than it is now?

Well, imprisonment, carnages and muzzling citizens never stop people to fight for justice; it is only a matter of time and at the end dictatorship will collapse. For eighteen years, many innocent citizens of dear Ethiopians are imprisoned all by fallacious allegations, and numerous had been disappeared or killed all by the actions of TPLF. Nevertheless, soon and suddenly one day every woman would wake up in the morning with a bright sun shine, and start calling herself, I am Birtukan Mideksa, and every man would start calling himself, professor Asrat, Darara Kefene, and many more others, the heroes and heroines will be called on one by one. With their names democracy and justices will be erected, and then man and woman, old and a child will never suffer again by dictators.

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