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Call me by my Name, Address and Task

Solutions with DEBTERAW, I

Call me by my Name, Address and Task

By Obo Arada Shawl

December 5, 2008

ራስህን ዕወቅ

አገርህን ውደድ

ጠላትህን ለይ

ከደብተራው ዝክረ ነገር

On Solutions

To solve a problem, we must identify, rectify or eliminate the causes of the problem.

I have seen collectivism being practiced by the DERG in the state of Arussi. It was humiliating experience for the peasants of Arussi to be collectivized without their consent. I was saddened to see them in such a state of affairs dictated by fascists. I saw the experiments of collectivism in Ethiopia as the root of social evils especially compared to the CADU projects.

I had also visited the lowest and crudest form of collectivism in Hitler’s racism as displayed in Auschwitz.

I am seeing it in our collective selfishness being covered up in ethnicity. What is ethnicity? In my opinion, it is an anti-concept ( ጽንስ ሀሳብ ) used as a disguise for the word ‘racism’. Shaebia and Woyane’s concept of ethnicity is simply a tradition for racism though they may not know it.

The nine nationalities of Eritrea without the tenth of Jeberti and the eighty something ethnic nationalities in Ethiopia are simply a tribalism mentality destined for self-arrested development in EE countries. For we know that language is a conceptual tool coded in a visual-auditory symbols that denote concepts only.

To a person who understands the function of language, it makes no difference what sounds are chosen to name things as long as they are clear. But to a tribalist, language is a mystic heritage, a string of sounds handed down from ancestors and memorized, not understood. In other words, for any tribalism, language is not a tool of thought and communication. It is something else.

Ethnic languages are not full languages. They are dialects. In our situation, they are local corruptions of the language of Tigre ትግረ as in the case of Eritrea and Amharic አማርኛ as in the case of Ethiopia and Oromiffa (ኦሮሚፋ) as in the other states of Ethiopia.

In Aethiopia tribalists are fighting or rather struggling not for their languages but fighting to

  • Protect their level of awareness
  • Their obedience to their tribe
  • To honor their mental passivity
  • Their desire to ignore the existence of outsiders and
  • For religious purposes

Of course, do not take me wrong; language expands for abstract capacity and vision, if properly learned.

On October 23, 2008, in my article entitled call me by my address, solutions with DEBTERAW, III, I have indicated all the attributes to the 14 States of Aethiopia.

The names of 14 states as most of my readers know are Arussi, Bale, Eritrea, Gemu Gofa, Godjam, Gonder, Harrarghe, Illubabor, Keffa, Shewa, Sidamo, Tigrai, Wellega and Wollo. Alternatively, all of these states are coded in the following manner.

Abe3ghik2st2w = 13

Let us all hold on to these wonderful what I call “State Names of Aethiopia” when and if decipher properly in their true original status as surely and squarely they will help us understand to solve our differences. Call me by my name. What is my name?

On Names and NAT ION

As far as name is concerned, we have named names but we have not come to accept of given names by our parents or pastors or judges. Let us keep our original names for they signify something of value for us and for our parents, grandparents and ancestors. They are not like the ethnic languages, which are unimportant.

There is no nation without nationals. In present Ethiopia, there are more nationals that the given names. If the estimated population is 70 million, then there are more than over 100 million peoples’ names. Why? Figure it out for yourself. There is too much lies about names.

In old Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Kush, Hamasien (land of Ham and Sem), Midri Eritrea, proper names were connected to something of value or importance. Nowadays names signify nothing.

What is Ethiopia’s current name, or better how is it spelt? We may have different names for the old Ethiopia, but mine is Aethiopia (in Latin) and ኤትዮጵያ (in GE’EZ).

For me, I have baptized so to speak Eritrea as the country of ZAAK (ZalaAnbesa-Asab-Karora) and the country of Ethiopia as MAKK (Moyale-Afar-ZalaA-Kurmuk). But in reality the Nation that was given by እግዚአብሔር (Egziabher) and forged and shaped by the present population is demarcated by rivers, trees, mountains, and valleys and is called as the EMAKK (Moyale-Assab-Karora-Kurmuk) Great Society. That is the future address of Aethiopia with a language of ATO spoken and written.

On Addresses

As to the geographical positions of Aethiopia, I have traveled from Moyale - a border town between Kenya and Aethiopia in the South, to Karora town bordering Eritrea with the Sudan in the north of Aethiopia. Indeed, I have also traveled from the sea port of Assab in the Red Sea in east of Aethiopia to the border town of Kurmuk (I presumed a Turkish name) in the west of Aethiopia bordering the Sudan. It was a criss-cross path of concept-theory and application.

Most people wanted to know where this populace came from or who created them. In other words, people wanted to know their origin. Why they wanted to know the origin of Aethiopia, I do not know. But, we are observing nowadays how rich and famous Black Americans are currently searching for their origin in Africa. For what purpose, I do not understand.

As far as I am concerned, religiously Adam is from Eritrea and Eve from Ethiopia. Scientifically, ገርሂ INOCCENT aka Gerhi was discovered in Eritrea and ድንቅነሽ LUCY aka Dinknesh was discovered in Ethiopia.

Where were Eritrea and Ethiopia during the creation of Adam and Eve? No one can tell. God, the Bible and Jesus Christ did not say where. But the scientists (archeologists) discovered the remains of A&E (Adam and Eve) in present Eritrea and Ethiopia. (Notice how the letters A and E united)

The question is where is Eritrea and Ethiopia’s geographical location? The EPLF and TPLF fought in 1998-2000 for No Man’s Land known as BAD-ME.

I know that Ethiopia was the center of the world and Eritrea is the key not only to Aethiopia but also to Africa. It is safe to assume therefore, that AEthiopia would be the center when and if people of the world want to search for their origin. In my vocabulary center is equivalent to origin. Key is the physical shape of Eritrea.

For those who counter these arguments, such as the Arabs, the Chinese, the Iranians and others, they have to recognize that Eritrea was/is their path to the center and thereby Eritrea could become a key to Africa. The key and the center are inseparable mentally and physically, not emotionally. The emotion for unity has destroyed the Great Humane Society.

On Tasks

Both religion and science have merged in Eritrea and Ethiopia, i.e. E=E= may be MC2

For me, since J=10 and K=11



The Eritrean and Ethiopian population have difficulty what to follow as the EPLF do not seem to recognize religion and that TPLF do not seem to comprehend what science is about.

Without the basics of science in Ethiopia and without the freedom of religion in Eritrea, we cannot make any argument to live or let live.

The nationalist leaders of A, E, O, S and T base their claim for self-determination including the right for secession were based either on wrong premises or on false promise chief among them is the language.

For instance

  • First, Haile Sellasie I was not for modernization like his predecessor Minilik but he was for Education. What went wrong with his educational system is another matter. The nationalists accuse Haile Sellassie of Amharanization.
  • Second, the DERG used to unite the country using revolution (M-L) concept. The DERG regime was not revolutionary. It was anti-Revolution. It was duped by internal allies and by the Soviet Union.
  • Third, the TPLF is based on Democracy. This is wrong again. It is a hoax.

    So what is missing?

The missing part as explained earlier in my articles, it is about DEBTERAW’s stand on READ (Revolution-Education-Arts-Democracia). According to DEBTERAW’s Revolutionary struggle, the following steps and tasks (careers if you will) are necessary.

  • Information officer
  • Organizer
  • Strategist
  • Manager and
  • Leader

Thanks to DEBTERAW’s EPRP uninterrupted opposition to Haile Sellassie’s education system, opposition to the DERG’s anti Revolution stand and opposition to the hoax of TPLF’s obstruction to Kinet via DEMOCRACIA.

The first task of informing (ማንቃት) has now been successfully accomplished. Everyone and everybody among literate Aethiopians have now access to either TV, or Cell phone or the Internet. In other words, information is no longer power, thanks to Technology.

The second step is about organization for political purposes not for collectivisms.

DEBTERAW was a visionary and a committed Revolutionary. He was also a remarkable organizer. DEBTERAW’S organizational skill comes from his courage to speak truth to power. Every individual who wants to be an organizer should emulate his integrity and trust, for without trust no organization would be viable. Once more the key is in TRUST.

Concluding Remarks

The current conflict in Aethiopia is a fear of identifying or challenging the political/philosophical fundamentals. Both sides are seemingly willingly to fight in open confusion (as opposed to silent confusion), to stake their beliefs, their future, on the outcome of a battle over the effects of unnamed causes. Such is the case of the walk away groups of EPRP.

One side is composed predominately of people who dare not name the cause (DEBTERAW’s fate), the other do not dare to discover the Eway Revolution.

As a person and as a mind, DEBTERAW is unique. The root of his uniqueness is the nature of his mental process. If we could be allowed to talk to him, one would be amazed to see his courage and integrity to continue our vision. Let us rally around his fate. It would be beneficial not only to EPRP but to the whole Nation of Aethiopia as DEBTERAW had visualized it.

There is no doubt that Aethiopia’s attempt to revolutionize is a failure unworthy of ancient nation. We have a political failure, a philosophical failure, a diplomatic and a moral failure. Political and intellectual leaders are still missing from the Eway Revolution. Why and How? Let us discuss it honesty.

To the country I have and am deeply in love, allow me to name it as ኤትዮጵያ (Aethiopia).


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