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Waiting for the Oath of Office
ArticlesWaiting for the Oath of Office

By Aie Zu Guo, October 31st, 2008

US Election 2008 is coming to a close in three days. Two years of campaign primaries revealed the uncensored exhibits
of the best of a woman politician like Hillary Clinton, the wisdom, charisma & determination of an African-American, Barrack Obama and a disillusioned contestant, John McCain. These politician stirred debates on the suitability of women and black candidates. For pessimists America’s democracy is not mature enough to elect a women or black American for president.

Consequentially Hillary, Sarah and Obama are out there at the wrong times of history. Certainly their scepticisms are not void of reason as Sarah is yet to mature to shoulder a humongous responsibility. For optimists including this writer, the 21st century America is ripe to give a woman or an African Americans the chance for president.

Simply the land of opportunity has a well-established constitution that empowers every citizen with rights to equal opportunities and with a freedom to dream high. Moreover, the America of Jefferson times and that of Obama-Hillary times are starkly different. So long as citizens of the free land are courageous and enthusiastic, the road to achieving their dreams is boundless. That is why a courageous and determined African-American Barack Obama would soon be empowered as the 44th president.

According to this writer and for a number of reasons, Obama has already won the game because John McCain is devoid of new ideas to convince voters. McCain did not show Americans an iota of truth that make his economic, security, foreign policy, health care, education, finance, and other social policies any different from President Bush. Voters including Republican supporters are tired of the current administration. Americans desperately need a new leader who is capable of bringing their country into the right course. As McCain shows a cacophony of failures, Obama skilfully crafted and explained his change management plan to Americans.

For years the division of America boggled the minds of ordinary Americans. This is particularly true of the past eight years of Bush leadership. Obama understood that division on social and economic fault lines herald doomsday. For him a broken society needs urgent repair. His idea of togetherness is a message of hope that resonates in both camps of the political divide. It enticed millions of voters in favour of his candidature.

The Bush-Dick Cheney war in Iraq and Afghanistan affected the lives and well being of millions of Americans. The unholy war cost trillions of dollars in taxpayer’s money and tarnished America’s global image. From the senate floor to the campaign podium, Obama unequivocally demonstrated his opposition to the Bush-Chenny war in Iraq. Without fear and reluctance, he promised to end the war in Iraq and bring American troops home. This has made him extremely popular among the majority of Americans who are tired of an inconclusive war that is munching Americas’ young and brightest children daily.

In the campaign trail Obama attracted thousands of voters. His campaign speeches mesmerized every segment of the American establishment and drained into the veins and arteries of the people. He runs the most principled campaign in US election history. Millions of Americans appreciate his clarity of message and discipline. Moreover, his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate reassured Americans that he means business. Joe is a respected democrat who draws a considerable support and admiration from both sides of the political divides i.e. Democrats and republicans.

Obama received a range of political endorsements including celebrities, noble prizewinners, print and electronic media, Whitehouse staffers of Bush, prominent figures of the Republican Party such as Colin Powell, international leaders, and the global community. By many standards he is considered as a Messiah who would bring America and the outside world together to peace and reconciliation. As a community organizer, he understood that the younger generation is the locomotive of change. Obama directly addressed and motivated the young generation and middle income communities to embrace a new agenda called
‘change we believe in’. By so doing he galvanized Millions of young Americans to enrol for change and preached so well that America change is now or never. On the contrary John McCain solely depended on traditional followers i.e. the haves and CEOs. McCain lack mass base, resources and energy to bring to Americans the change they want in the 21st century.

The current economic and financial crisis fabricated by the Bush, Cheney and McCain shattered the dreams of millions of decent Americans. An economic powerhouse built by a brilliant democratic leader Bill Clinton was ruined by Republican’s misadministration and mismanagement. Obama skilfully outlined an economic and financial readjustment policy focussing on tax cuts, science, education, employment, energy, and ending the war in Iraq. His people focussed economic programs have won him the hearts and minds of ordinary citizens. Certainly Obama has won the Marathon race. The game is over for Republicans. McCain ought to admit defeat and start his body count. A residue of the Vietnam spirit de core is not tantamount to a free ride to the white house. A good soldier must not underestimate the will power of the people. Equally McCain needs to understand the technique of surrendering to winners with honour and dignity. Surrender to change that will shape the future of his children and grand children in earnest. There is nothing honours than surrendering to a commander in chief dedicated to help his country.

For Obama it is time to prepare inaugural speech, lay out the fundamental plans for four years in the White House and start lining up cabinet members. Prepare a shadow government as Bush has forfeited to govern the nation.

For Ethiopians who are eagerly waiting for an Obama victory is a sigh of relief. You deserve recognition for the unequivocal support you gave to Obama’s Team. Now Ethiopian opposition parties ought to start crafting strategies and case loading Ethiopia’s agenda with the Obama Cabinet for change desperately needed in Ethiopia. November 4,2008 America’s democratic verdict will prove this writer right. In waiting for the Oath of Office which the president electObama will say “ I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States,and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God.”

Congratulations to OBAMA-BIDEN Team

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