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Obo Arada Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde

September 23, 2008

The EPRDF led by TPLF stands for Biological relation

The Eway Revolution led by EPRP stands for Ideological Relationships

The EPLF led by PFDJ stands for physical Geography

What do you stand for?


That the Ethiopian government is biologically organized is an open book.

That the Eritrean government is based on physical geography has become a fact.

That EPRP is based on Ideas is well established.

So, what is yours, opposition groups?


Since their last emperor of Yohannes who was deeply involved in religious matters was killed, the Aristocracy of Tigrai, on the one hand, began searching for connection to the Aristocracy of Shewa via marriage (blood). The Church, on the other hand, was deeply involved in teaching the masses of Tigrai to be faithful to Orthodox Christianity hoping to live a good life after death.

Leaders of TPLF were emerged and embarked against the Monarchy, the Aristocracy and against the Clergy, hoping that Enver Hoxha will lead them into the worldly Tigrai. Contrary to their expectations, however, their worldly power was fulfilled by the West especially by America. But America is about ideas and investment that the TPLF leaders lack.

The easy outlet for TPLF leaders is to connect with their kin’s and kiths of Highland Eritrea. Thanks to the Badme war, they broke the kin relationship. And so, the TPLF embarked, true to the level of understanding, upon biology/ethnicity. Will this ethnic level of consciousness help them to stay in power? The majority of liberated or conscious politicians do not think so. I predicted that they would be toppled by the year 2013 of Pope’s year.

The feudal King Yohannes of Tigrai must have infuriated the TPLF leaders for he was deeply a religious man an ‘Orthodox Christian’ at that. Now that the TPLF seems to be bent on revenge of their king’s religious wars, if at all they are confused on what Christianity versus Muslim means. For safety reasons, the leaders of TPLF aspire to lead Ethiopia by dividing on biological terms. But this division is very dangerous. It did not work for Hitler with all his capability and ideology. Blood is thicker than water, is an outdated and out of line concept in the modern world.


EPRP from day one embarked on concepts and ideas for transforming Ethiopia and its people. EPRP leaders boldly came out that neither biology nor physical geography should be a panacea for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Instead, they taught its members and associates members about ideas (ideology) that will solve the cultural oppression and economic exploitation by a method known as DEMOCRACIA and Revolution. As most of my readers remember, the land question, the labor question and the capital question have been and still are in the agenda of EPRP despite the Monarchy’s surrender, the disarray of Military Dictatorship and the capitalists’ confusion. EPRP’s demands were clear then and clear now. They are land to the owner! Employment for the urban dwellers and a debt free nation should be the ultimate desire of our people. No more no less.

Let us ask ourselves now. What happened to the land? Who owns it? What about employment, education? And what about national debt? These are questions to be answered by many of us in the Diaspora and elsewhere.

In other words, EPRP is demanding justice for political prisoners as well as for private individuals and food for the entire populace. Can EPRP collective leadership deliver justice and food? One has to search and find their liberal politics and social conservative history, along with their balanced values of Kolegna, Weina and Degegna (KWD), in order to answer this question. Peace with their enemies and democracies within their own party was and is the hallmark of EPRP, regardless of some dissenters in the party apparatus.

What is not accepted is the struggle of EPRP’s powerful ideas and methodology. It is one thing to research and establish for what EPRP stands and another matter to lump together TPLF, EPLF and EPRP together. It is true, three of them have similarities in organizational principle but they had very dissimilar ideas and concepts of Modernization, Unity, Religion and Education (Mu-Re ሙረ).


The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF), the precursor of EPLF had clarity in its goal and objectives. It wanted to demarcate Eritrea from Italian colonial boundary. EPLF had no clear contention of the boundary other than separating Eritrea from Haile Sellasie's Ethiopian rule, having labeled itself as a progressive front. The emphasis of EPLF was on the concept of self-reliance. This self-reliance neither fits with Ethiopian Fronts nor with foreign nations. In fact, a mixture of fear, confusion, outrage and nervous hope has reigned among Eritreans. In other words, EPLF leadership did not seek for a political geography despite the Eway Revolution of Ethiopia. EPLF is still based its agenda for itself and others on physical geography devoid of political geography.

Where and Why is DEBTERAW is in prison?

It is to be recalled that on July 3, 2008, a one-day event was held to memorialize or to immortalize DEBTERAW Tsegeye G. Medhin. The participants and the attendees have almost agreed that DEBTERAW has three personalities, that of a Prisoner of conscience, that of an Artist as poet/literary and that of revolutionary Politician.

The three dimensional nature of DEBTERAW as a Prisoner, as an Artist, as a Politician has been explained to the full house capacity of attendees.

Since the Eway Revolution of 1974, until 1991, DEBTERAW was deeply involved in Revolution. As the AEthiopian majority live in rural peasant areas without economic infrastructure, DEBTERAW and his political party thought, it was proper to educate the majority of people in the countryside, first and foremost. At the time, 95% of the population was using traditional modes of transport such as mules, horses and walking on foot. Also, 90% of the goods in Ethiopia were being transported either by camels, donkeys or on human backs. Not only transportation and communication were missing in AEthiopia but also Mass Media such as newspaper, radio and telephone were either in short supply or they were banned. This scenario did not create any doubt among student body and professionals in Ethiopia and Eritrea at the time. In fact, this scenario has led to initiate the Revolution from the countryside. As a result, an armed revolution was launched in the countryside.

Power, according to historical contexts has three elements that of a coup d’etat, insurrection and protracted guerrilla Revolutionary war. DEBTERAW did not believe in coup d’etat, EPRP did not support insurrection although some EPRP leadership members have knacks for it.

DEBTERAW’s EPRA is a revolutionary army or what we call ANKI (አንቂ) army. MANKAT (ማንቃት) means to identify your enemy on class basis. Scientific knowledge and religious knowledge are not contradictory. They are complementary for DEBTERAW and his party of EPRP. Herein lies the basic difference between the army of TPLF, EPLF and EPRA. This should be the main focal point of discussion among professors and doctors if they want to solve the problem of AEthiopia.

DEBTERAW was captured alive when the TPLF with its allies attacked EPRA’s liberated zones during the 1990. Where is he now? For 17 years, he is held incommunicado somewhere in Tigrai province or state (note that Tigrai is an isolated Killil, it is neither a province nor a state of AEthiopia). That means he has no address, for Tigrai is inaccessible to any Ethiopian. Compare this cruelty to the DERG’s era of holding prisoners. During the DERG’s time, every prisoner was allowed to see or to be visited by friends or family members. My mother in law was permitted to visit her daughter in Makalle prison. I used to be visited by my family members every week and supplied with food everyday while in Alem Bekegne prison. In this sense, the DERG was better than the Woyane and Shaebia’s way of handling prisoners. Too many literatures have been written and anecdotal stories have been told and retold about the cruelties of the current governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


Belief of a system of government where the rule of law and rule by law simultaneously prevails regardless of biology or geography is EPRP’s mantra. EPRP did not have role models neither for religion for it is a private matter nor for politics for it is public domain. EPRP follows the zonal dimension of Degegna, Weinegna or Kolegna in terms of geography. It is about natural settings of demarcation regarding of geography and orthodox system of religious belief. EPRP members and associates respect all the five places of worship, i.e. The Church, the Cathedral, the Mosque, the Synagogue and the Board Room. I believe that is why DEBTERAW and his party have transcended into the Fifth Dimension.

I do not know whether, the EPLF or TPLF leaders accept these places of worship or seeking a place in Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism or Atheism.

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