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The Fiasco War-Mongerer Criminal Seye Abraha

The Fiasco War-Monger Criminal Seye Abraha

By Geresie Bonkie

Seye Abraha from his Dedebit Terrorist Camp to Addis Ababa, made a very long march to destroy our country and humiliate our people. He once was referred as a TPLF Military Commander and later as Minister of Defense, which was his second skin and has since shed that skin without accountability and ceremony and currently shed his third skin to fool us. Regardless of what outfit he wears, Seye Abraha has left our country with many scars and he is accountable for various high crimes.

Even though the criminal Seye Abraha suffers from memory loss, Ethiopians and history will never forget what he did to our people and country. He was one of the criminal gangs who call themselves a government who routinely engage in murder, torture, beatings, systematic abuse, cruel inhuman, degrading treatment and punishment of opponents and innocent citizens and destroyed Ethiopian resources. He is one of the TPLF gangs who were above the law and who chose division over unity. At last, he became hostage of his own wrongdoings and prisoner of his false propaganda. It took him more than three decades to learn in a hard way from his destructive actions and involvement.

He is one who:

  • Participated in historical revisionism (negationism) of the history of our country;
  • Took part in imposing puppet government on Ethiopians without their will;
  • Orchestrated violence by setting one ethnic group against another;
  • Was one of the architects to put in place an economic, social and welfare policies which favors one minority ethnic group over the majority and others;
  • Betray to dismember Ethiopia and worked with Shaebia;
  • Played a role to make Ethiopia landlocked;
  • Spearheaded to disband the Ethiopian defense forces;

Seye Abraha is a person who is individually and collectively responsible for his crimes against peace, TPLF military command responsibility, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and crimes on humanity, high treason, war crimes, disappearances of many innocent citizens and many more. In the mid 1990ís, when his power was at its peak, he extended his web of corruption systematically through his family members and friends by giving back-up support using his position. He should be accountable in the court of law for all these crimes before anything. Donít expect something good to come from a criminal, except his empty pile of words to cover his crimes.

The TPLF gangs will murder your sisters and brothers yesterday and they will expect you to forget it the next morning, and suppose you would dance and dine with them tomorrow. Is that the type of democracy we are struggling for? Is that why we support H.R. 2003? Why a double standard in our actions, where Addisu Legesse was humiliated from East to West and North to South in the big cities of U.S.A.? We need to learn from history, because the past is the basis and the present is the reality that we base our vision for the future. Let us come back to our senses. Shame on those dancing with a criminal!!!

Mr. Seye Abraha, just for you: ďA cat may go to a monastery, but it still remains a cat.Ē

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