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The Good-Old Boys’ politics must cease to better promote democracy in Ethiopia

The Good-Old Boys’ politics must cease to better promote democracy in Ethiopia

Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw

In any given country, no government willfully decrees for an establishment of democratic institutions. It is rather, by all means opts taking away the rights of people. One way the west has been successful in building democracy is, because the forefathers laid the foundations based on “check and balance” structure of the government. In the absence of this configuration, countries breed dictators, abuse human rights and violate the laws. For this reason, in countries like Ethiopia, people are endlessly pay sacrifices in terms of monetary and human lives. In spite of all these sacrifices, people’s aspiration for democracy has never taken place. The reason that is obvious, since the student movement of 1960’s, the Ethiopian’s politics are based on communist ideology and of which in part is a narrowly defined philosophy of “the right of Nations and Nationality” and “up to cessation”. There appears to be two major categories of political organizations that have played this role in Ethiopia; one of which is a “Socialist” party such as EPRP and MEISON and the other being the “Liberation Front”: TPLF, EPLF, OLF and ONLF that have played a role of an ethnic politics in Ethiopia. TPLF served as foot solder to the cause of Eritrea, in promoting the ethnic politics in Ethiopia, while EPLF is a mastermind of drafting an ethnic politics, has outlawed on its land. Let us pose a moment and look at the whole pictures of some political organizations that have played ethnic politics in Ethiopia, by name: Eritrean People Libation Front, Tigray People Libation Front, Oromo Libation Front (OLF), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and etc. I underlined the word, so called “Liberation Front” to what will be clear shortly. These are the group that formed a transitional government of Ethiopia in 1991. The position each group has had held in a government leadership goes at the top to Eritreans, followed by TPLF, while OLF and ONLF served in a recessed positions. In fact, all “Liberation Fronts” either directly or indirectly founded or financed by EPLF/TPLF to serve their own interest. Because of political status in ranks, in the Nineties, the dispute arose among the EPLF/ TPLF led government and the Oromo Liberation Front and Ogaden National Liberation Front. The EPLF/TPLF joint military operations had subdued these two liberation fronts. Today, OLF and ONLF are waging a gorilla war to liberate…. Who, and from where? The crime TPLF has committed against the people of Ethiopia is astounding. Indeed, it has not committed these crimes alone, without co-conspirators of OLF, ONLF, and other group within the organizations of ethnic politics that have joined the mayhem, abuse and distraction of human lives. Therefore, these “Liberation” movements, as well are responsible to all the crimes against humanity in Ethiopia. Especially, the OLF has done much damage to the people of Ethiopia, in terms of propagating hate, and alienating the Oromo’s from its contributions to the history and culture as part and parcel of the Ethiopian society. The OLF has wasted much of its time by arguing in insignificant issues than in promoting the issues that matter most to the country. Here, for example, it argues to the name changes of Addis Ababa to Finfinne and similarly to other towns, and as well to a trivial substance of using Latin alphabet than its own historical heritage of Ethiopian. Well, for the purpose of a basic logical argument, Finfinne is a location to spring water not an establishment of metropolitan city. Further more, these “Liberation Fronts” have prolonged the suffering of the Ethiopian people by allying with TPLF/EPLF dictators, by planning and executing ethnic polices in undermining the democratic movement in the country.

We have witnessed over fifteen years; the liberation movements of TPLF and EPLF have brought humanitarian crises, political dismay, and economic consternation to both Ethiopia and Eritrea. In fact, the leaders in both countries have accumulated wealth and hoard money into their accounts in foreign banks, while many go a day without a piece of bread. What should be learnt here is that no political organization called “Liberation Fronts” brings peace, stability, equality, democracy and political reforms needed to better the lives of the people. The same can be said to “Socialist” political party as it was described above. Every Ethiopian who feels deep in his/her heart to better the lives of the people, and wish to see a democratic reform in Ethiopia must dissociate from all the organizations called “Liberation Fronts” and “Socialist” political parties as they lack democratic principles. The best alternate to this is reinstating these old good boys by new and young with better ideas. The old good boys must be told to retire with grace from Ethiopian politics. Should they reluctant to do so, Ethiopians must abandon and cease supporting their organizations.

Ethiopians had spoken loud and clear in Two thousand five elections. They sent unambiguous message to politicians; only a political party with the principles of democracy and a spirit of superior leadership that able to unify the people can lead a country. Because of this will, they voted overwhelmingly for Kiniiit. Kinijit and likes are the only political groups that can transform and ascertain the future political reforms needed in Ethiopia. It’s unfortunate; an individual in the top leadership of Kinijit is bent to incapacitate the party, and surrender people’s wish after being released from prison. Indeed, this is one of the characters of the old good boys’ political identities. They form political parties one after another and have never been successful in politics. Hence, prolong the lives of one dictator after another. This becomes an opportunity to undemocratic rule of law to effect unremitting anguish of the people.

Equality to each ethnic group, economic prosperity, closing a gap in gender disparity and respects to the rule of law by authorities can only be possible by building a resounding democracy. It’s wise to gear up behind the political party or parties that advocate democratic principles with the sprit in unifying all Ethiopians, and therefore is better to end supporting the old good boy’s politics to hasten a democratic reform in the country.

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