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CALL ME BY MY NAME: Seeking Solutions with Debteraw, XXI

Wolde Tewolde, alias Obo Arada Shawl

December 13, 2007

“If a more likeable human being than DEBTERAW is currently around EPRP, I haven’t found him or her.”


A WEEK of celebration on the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of Debteraw’s Website

A DAY of appreciation for DTSGM’s work

A GENERATION of struggle by EPRP members

The event was sponsored by AAssimba.Com and FINOTE orgs. (Both radio and print). For those who missed the occasion, I recommend them to visit the archives. For those who have participated, I would like to thank and encourage all individuals and groups who testified for the figure father of EPRP – aka DTSGM to continue not only to demand for his whereabouts but also to continue to follow his path of struggle.

The event became a process for the Immortalized of Debteraw and according to the numerous testimonies it is summed up as follows:

Debteraw was admired by many people for his convictions and a love for his country, Ethiopia, his skills as a communicator, his understanding of himself and his honesty. It seems that he was incapable of dishonesty.

But above all, everyone and everybody admired Debteraw’s ability to relate to people. Outwardly Debteraw looks shy but was able to connect with any one, be it a professor, a proletariat, a patriarch or member of a press. Debteraw basically liked people whether rich or poor, with Title or not Title.

But more importantly Debteraw connected with the people closer to him. He truly cared about the people in his organization of EPRP. As far as he is concerned, he treated everybody the same whether from the Politbureau, CC or ordinary member.

In short, Debteraw has solid relationships because everyone liked being around Debteraw because he loved people and connected with them. Debteraw understood that relationships were the glue that held his EPRP members together – the more solid the relationship, the more cohesive EPRP would

Be. More importantly Debu believe in people before they have proved themselves. He sees the best in people to have faith in themselves.

I woke up on Sunday morning, a day of mediation, at exactly 4:30 AM Washington Eastern time. Here is what has been relayed to me from Debteraw’s voice.

“ On my 2nd day of website anniversary- my current domicile- you seem to be lost in the maze of talks. I used to talk to you in Words i.e. verbal, then I used to send you a WRITTEN WORD i.e. WR and I also occasionally contacted you spiritually. There was no problem then. What has happened to you when it comes to join the pal talkers? They were all individual friends chatting in my current address. They call it D’H’RE Ge’TS website (maybe a misnomer). It is a different form of C and S. (conspiracy and secrecy). But it is OK. You are in ELECTRONIC digital SYSTEM, just smile.”

The voice continued to say, “Go to the mountain of AASSIMBA. Tell to the mountain about ® and tell everybody and everyone to say my name as ' q q . ÖÖçç ììì .

Did you listen to my real voice in FINOTE DEMOCRACIA? I can see you are still struggling to decipher the letter B so as to put the letter E in focus but I am still dealing with the letter F, F and F in order to give it a third leg. Of course, you understand what I mean?” With that sememen, Debteraw is gone.

My own reflections

I woke up in real time and reflected on the following:

What am I?

Who am I?

When did I come?

Where am I going?


Why ME? May be for posterity – alias WARSAI.

Why me: Or more particularly because I am possessed by the data and access of the Regions from A-Z (T).

  1. National resource from ARUSSI
  2. Border cooperation from BALE
  3. Energy from ERITREA
  4. God’s Bridge from GEMU GOFA
  5. Water from GODJAM
  6. Government from GONDER
  7. Unity from HARARGHE
  8. Rainfall from ILLUBABOR
  9. Coffee from KEFFA
  10. Secrecy & Conspiracy from SHEWA
  11. Security from SIDAMO
  12. Wisdom from WOLLO
  13. Soil from WOLLEGA
  14. Trade from TIGRAI

What: I am War, Revolution and Terror (WRT)

Who: Born in Eritrea, raised in Agame Awraja, educated in Addis Ababa and have worked all over Ethiopia and currently residing in America. What is my identity? Can anyone tell me or put a label on me, please?

When: From the time of HENOK (descendant of Adam & Eve)

Where: From AAssab port to RAS Dashen i.e. AAGMELAGO

So where is the land of Peace and Democracy? Nowhere in Ethiopia as you can see from the above resource and data analysis. Practically all organizations and political parties cry for Peace and Democracy. Do they know that EPRP has been crying for these two words since its inception? EPRP members and its supporters have been literally and figuratively were massacred for asking for PEACE in Eritrea and DEMOCRACIA in Ethiopia. Nobody listened and nobody seems to learn from EPRP either. Is it not a shame not to learn from the experience and history of EPRP?



  • Discipline Respect
  • Integrity Shared Experience
  • Responsibility Trust
  • Self-Respect and Reciprocity and
  • Team work Mutual enjoyment

In Short (DIRST) (RSTRM)


Debteraw’s website is getting passionate. Passion is the difference between doing a job and being a professional. The passion for Debteraw’s website is the difference between liking DTSGM as a person and claiming him as READ for EPRP and as national hero for Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Special thanks for Debteraw Team. Let the light for Truth is ignited in your Website beginning on Christmas and spreading throughout via other websites for the sake of EPRP.

For comments and criticisms

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