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The Harvard Scholar Who Champions Evil

The Harvard Scholar Who Champions Evil

A message to Professor Ephrem Isaac 

Dear Monsieur le Professor, 

Allow me to congratulate you for taking the initiative to resolve the political impasse between the opposition and the ruling Zenawi party. Your initiative for peace, tolerance and forgiveness motivated peoples’ hope of reconciliation in Ethiopia. From the outset, you marshaled interest mixed with curiosity.  

Curiosity pushed many to learn more about you. Cyber space admonishes you as a Harvard graduate with exceptional linguistic abilities who speak Amharic, Oromifia, Tigregna, English, French, Hebrew, and more that society created as a modicum of communication.  These are extremely valuable qualities that deserve praise. Your extraordinary linguistic abilities and teaching experience at Harvard gives the impression that you have the underlying wisdom on the basic tenets of arbitration enshrined in different languages and cultures. Without exaggeration, you are a perfect fit for the business of arbitration between a regime sitting above the law and those suppressed by the law. However, your skeptics cautioned that you are either a courageous man or a naive citizen or a puppet wearing a chameleon’s hat. Leaving these superlatives aside, the ‘arbitration’ you doctored was admired and our hats off to you Monsieur le professor grand! 

Monsieur le Professor, 

Since time immemorial, the business of arbitration was founded on the premises of TRUTH and NEUTRALITY. Success depends on the level of impartiality, professionalism and integrity of the arbiters. It won’t be too much to ask these ingredients from a Harvard-educated scholar and a linguist of your caliber who has the intellectualism of a scholar, the wisdom of an old man; the tradition of a true Ethiopian and the look of an honest broker. No reason to think differently.  

Often you say that Ethiopia’s rich culture and tradition is full of forgiveness. But you did not tell us how difficult your job would be when a party in the drawing board is filled with grudges and vengeances and above all lost its culture and tradition. It is hoped that you entered the business understanding the pitfalls of arbitration i.e. frustration, silence, setback and hibernation. Your mediation secured the release of Kinjit from Kaliti. One logically assumes that the mediation you doctored had issues that need your follow-up. Instead you went into self hibernation. You did not act on the issues that the two sides agreed upon. It looks Kinijit is your Cinderella.  

For the 2nd time and contrary to your deal, Meles sent Birtukan to Kaliti on grounds that she violated the terms and conditions of the arbitration you doctored. Many expected that you (3rd neutral party) will tell the outside world whether a violation to your Kaliti protocol existed or not. After two years of silence you issued an astonishing press release in May 2009, asking Birtukan to retract her words to pave the way for another apology. You remain num on the wrongs of Meles, a perfect example of the betrayal of truth, integrity and impartiality. 

Monsieur le Professor, 

You know perfectly well that Meles has an excellent experience full of wrongs and crimes. In his government crimes against humanity and injustice are in abundance. In western economics the pull and push factors creates synergy between demand and supply. Money arbitrates the conflict between supply and demand. In revolutionary democracy supply does not need an external driver. One can produce crimes and injustices without demand. Truly speaking commodity without demand has no economic importance and should be out of market by default. Crime is a Marxist commodity without value and without market demand. In the absence of demand and supply arbitration has no place. Unfortunately as the repressive regime’s crimes against humanity continue to mount, a lucrative business of arbitration proliferates in tandem.  

A few months ago Ethiopians were told that 35-40 people were arrested for attempting to over throw the government. This supply of wrong accusation reinvigorated your mediation business. Certainly you will not be short of courage and wisdom to ask these people to enter a pardon plea for the guilt they never committed in the first place.   

Using dubious tactics you ask defenseless people in prison admit guilt then enter a pardon plea. This is the job of a policeman and not that of a mediator. Meles uses the ‘confession and pardon plea statement’ to build the case against the opposition. Your effort gives legitimacy to Meles to wrongly incarnate innocent citizens. It appears that the ultimate objective of your arbitration is to pave the way for Meles to come out victorious. Sadly you are doing this at the expense of the basic ingredients of arbitration i.e. integrity, neutrality and impartiality.  

Monsieur le Professor, 

In the last week we are hearing that you have started a new campaign of arbitration between MEDREK and Meles. No one knows to what extent Meles lends his ears to you. The mere fact that you have full access to his palace makes one believe that you are his trusted agent.  Should this assumption be correct, please have the courageous to ask Melese release Birtukan and other political prisoners. This is the linchpin for a genuine arbitration. Let the 4 year old toddler join her mother. Certainly the Ethiopian constitution states that politicians are not to be incarcerated for their political views and statements. If Meles does not accept this that means he is in denial of his own constitution. If you are incapable of mediation have a little courage to tell the outside world who the problem child of Ethiopia is today.  

Monsieur le Professor, 

It is detestable to seeing you putting undue pressure on defenseless prisoners to admit guilt first and enter a pardon plea next. This is the job of a policeman and not that of a mediator.  Your tactic is designed to legitimize Meles to continue his incarnation of innocent people. Your language is indistinct, often clouded with nebulous jargons, with bombastic but often ambiguous terms of spirituality, heroism and traditionalism. You played smart to understand the dialect of Meles, and Berket. When Melese gets cornered you shuttle between Kaliti and the palace.  When Meles holds the upper hand, you travel to Europe to speak to Mosad and OLF.  

This arbitration of yours is without integrity and human conscious. You are mute from vetting right over wrong. It is sickening, it is diabolical and hypocritical. My good old mother always tells me that hypocrites lack reason and fairness. The best solution is to stay away from them, because they too are extensions of the jackal’s jaw.  Stop using Ethiopiawinet as a bargaining cheap to advance your indecent diplomacy and arbitration that ultimately emboldens deceit. A true Harvard scholar never champions evil to triumph over truth. Back off professor. Shalom. 

Aie Zu Guo 

November, 2009

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