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Why do you do this to us Ato Meles?

Why do you do this to us Ato Meles?

By Yilma Bekele

In the good old days it used to be the tradition of dictators to sit at home and never show their face in the capitals of the civilized world or in most parts of their own country. They respected the self-imposed isolation in the grand palace prison they constructed and did not pretend to love of be loved by others. It was a very refreshing condition for their subjects. They listen to the pronouncements of the dictator on the radio, watch the dictator cutting some ribbon surrounded by his security on TV or read about him in the local rag that passes itself as a newspaper.

Our friends Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Kim Jung of Korea, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and others stay put in their prison. They do not venture out in broad daylight and impose themselves on the sensibilities of others. They are civilized enough not to embarrass their hosts and make others uncomfortable with their presence.

Then why is the little dictator from Ethiopia turning this tradition on its head? Why is Ato Meles popping up every place where pressing international matters are discussed? It looks like he has a bag ready to go at a drop of a hat to any and all conferences representing some obscure outfit but not the country he is purported to be leading. Why is he breaking the rule that has been working like a charm?

Ethiopia is one of the most back ward, illiterate, un electrified, un wired and famine stricken country in the entire world thanks to the backward looking voodoo economics practiced by our illustrious and fearless leader. There is no reason why the leader of such a country would want to sit on the same table as leaders of the most industrialized countries. He does not have a robust economy nor a strong military force to bring to the table. He does not have an imposing presence or a charming character to sway others. No logical reason at all. There is no reason why he will be invited to such a meeting either.

Thus in the twisted and unsurpassed cunning brain of his, the TPLF boss was able to insert himself by lobbying to represent Africa. It is a fact most of the African leaders would not dare to leave their capitals or do not have the chutzpah to sit on the same table as other elected leaders. But not our Meles. He is the indispensable, all knowing leader with the sharpest tongue East of the Nile. The word ‘shame’ is not in his vocabulary. ዩሉንታ and ስው ምንዩላል is foreign to Woyane and company. Thus while his people are starving in millions he have no qualms transporting his mafia entourage to far away places all at the expense of the Ethiopian people. You ask for what?

Vanity my friend. The dictator gets his legitimacy by rubbing shoulders with elected leaders. He strains his neck trying to have his picture taken besides powerful heads of state. While the Obamas avoid him like the plague, the Gordon Browns distance them selves away from him our hero keeps showing up again and again. Like a bad dream he does not go away. The interloper knows no boundary. The interloper marches to his own drummer.

The interloper is becoming a strain on the Diasporas budget. It took a lot of organization and finance to confront the dictator in London. The legitimate leaders drove by waving and nodding a knowing glace while our hero sunk in his chair to hide. Then he showed up again in Rome. Well our European cousins were forced to head over to Rome to unfurl the unwelcome sign again. Again hiding was the only option for the dictator.

Yesterday, It was the turn of the free Ethiopians in America to register our displeasure. That they did a good job is the talk of CNN, Al Jazeera and our independent and free websites. Those of us that did not attend owe our everlasting gratitude to you brave Ethiopians for speaking for the silenced in our homeland. Mr. Obama was heard to have said ‘the Ethiopians again, persistent aren’t they?’ Let us just say some of us are. There are many who take credit but secretly feed the monster. The ‘hodams’ among us, but that is another story.

The sad part is he is sticking around for a while. He is not ready to fade away. He is in the process of organizing his fourth ‘sham election’, which he will win. No question about that. Does it mean we have a few more unwelcome marches we have to go to? Is there a way we can convince the dictator to stay away from international conferences? Not a chance. On the other hand we want it to be registered to all conference organizers that unless you hold your meetings in some remote area like Pyongyang or Minsk we promise to be there. We do not enjoy disturbing your meeting but we believe someone have to give voice to the voiceless.

It is not news to us that the dictator and his wife were so unnerved by the protesters that they took the anger on each other. We know the only thing that would have calmed them was the sight of Ethiopian blood on the street and sidewalk. Helene Cooper of the New York Times was kind enough to record the furious arrival of the interlopers as they arrived to this lavish dinner they imposed themselves on. Here is an excerpt. There is no need to elaborate.

    Next arrives Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi, who clearly did something in the car to anger his wife because she glares at him, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama, and anyone unfortunate enough to cross her line of vision.

    The Obamas both look slightly taken aback by her. Wonder what happened in the car? The Ethiopian First Couple are quickly dispatched inside.

Now you know why Parliament members are sure to wear their diapers when in the presence of the Representative from Welkait. Being in her line of vision causes temporary loss of bodily functions, nervousness, twitching, stuttering and absolute cowardice. If you don’t believe me ask Teshome Toga.

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