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Ethiopia (ifex report)
« on: January 03, 2012, 06:35:02 AM »
<p class="small"><a href=";q=402957290&amp;lm=22799168&amp;r=323105&amp;qz=00735968c02f1de67dab9971ee9c2269" title="IFJ condemns jail term handed down to Swedish journalists">IFJ condemns jail term handed down to Swedish journalists[/url]

+ Jailing of journalists on anti-terrorism a travesty of justice

+ Two Swedish journalists sentenced to 11 years in prison

+ Swedish journalists handed prison terms

+ Journalists Jailed in Ethiopia
<p class="small"><a href=";q=402957290&amp;lm=22799168&amp;r=323105&amp;qz=934b41275a64f1349d45a1eb2ea9e18a" title="Two Swedish journalists found guilty of " supporting="" terrorism",="" face="" 15="" years="" in="" jail"="">Two Swedish journalists found guilty of "supporting terrorism", face 15 years in jail[/url]

+ "Journalists are not terrorists," says IFJ ahead of verdict for Swedish journalists

+ In disgraceful verdict, court convicts Swedish journalists of supporting terrorism


+ Letter from Reporters Without Borders to U.N. Special Rapporteur on abuse of anti-terrorism law

+ Journalists dismiss as 'travesty of justice' conviction of Swedish reporters on terror charges

+ Journalists convicted under unfair law
(Human Rights Watch)

+ CPJ condemns trial of Swedish journalists in Ethiopia