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About Ethiox, Feedback and Guest Comments
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Feedback and Guest Comments

እንክዋን ደህና መጡ!

ይህ ገጽ ለአንባቢዎች አስተያይት መስጫ ነው። ሐሳብዎን እዚህ መጻፍ ይችላሉ።

about, is administered and edited by a group of Ethiopian Volunteers to serve our Global Ethiopian Community to share and exchange resources.

Our objective is to serve as an exchange point for Ethiopian News, Information, Articles, Documents, Reports, Ideas, Products and Services.

We strongly believe that your feedback positive or negative is essential in our ability to serve our global community better, so please let us know so we can improve our services.

Please Support Us:

1. By referring us to your coleagues, families, relatives and friends.

2. By submitting or contributing written and/or researched materials of relevance and use to you and your fellow Ethiopians. In short, by Volunteering to contribute.

3. By forwarding posted materials to Family, Friends, Other Ethiopian Electronic Forums and Websites and crediting us as a source.

4. By Purchasing products and services from those who advertise on our site.

5. By Advertising on our site (Contact us for yearly rates

6. By Making direct financial contributions:

Thank you!

For more info:
Contact us:

* Disclaimer:

*The views expressed on our site are solely of the Authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Owners, Administrators or Volunteers of this web page. For any concerns you may contact us:

Thank you for your support and we hope you find this site useful.

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