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Metro Washinton DC Ethiopian Community...
« on: January 23, 2009, 12:40:15 PM »
I. Those of you in metro Washington tri states area, I urge you to tune in Sunday, 
February 1st or February 8th, 2009 or both days between  4:00-5:00 Pm on 1390 AM as a long time community supporter, server, community media person of over 20 years and a family man, Ato  Fikru Bogale brings up the state of our community's concerns for an open air  discussion if he gets support from the community to run this important program for one hour or two on both weekends.
Those of you who would like to support, sponsor this segment of the show or have other ideas how we can deal with these mounting social problems we are faced with like many other immigrants who came before us, please contact Ato Fikru  directly at  301 379 2515

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Re: Metro Washinton DC Ethiopian Community...
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1. For those of you in Metro Washington DC tri states area, please tune in to TODAY 1390 am between 4-5 PM as a community radio host, Ato Elias Fikru who is married, a family man and community servant brings community issues we all need to give the first priority, the plight of our youngs in America.
Please support those who support us in this case this community radio program which focuses on our social issues by donating or sponsoring.
Abol Coffee is proud to partially sponsor today's community segment in Amharic. 
On a personal note, I will not blame the children who's fathers were not there to raise them.
I can not either blame any one else but us the men for  lettering this to reach to this point under our watch
while we watch the tube, and focus on Africa's unending politics leaving the burden of raising our children and caring for our elders mostly to our African sisters.
Those of you, who would want to join us as we will speak with area council persons, authorities, community center leaders and area business community to give our support to come up with a recommendation to facilitate a way for old and new community area centers to forge an alliance to deal with our multi layered community social problems that can affect our image as Ethiopians or generally African immigrants as a community.
Our problems are not different than those we came before us or others who are dealing with it now as a community.
Any problem can be over come by coming together, setting difference and out looks apart.
Back in the 20s, the Black and the Jewish community came together to fight off the common enemy, RACISM, the result of which is a Black man in not out NOW at The House.
There are few of us who want to give back to this great community who made us who we are and who all take pride in, who can assist, facilitate, by provide information and give leads by bringing pro this pro that together for a collective solution by ALL FOR ALL by being on the outside from the inside. 
2. Abol coffee inc. will have it's next Ethiopian coffee break on the first week of March.
    Detail will follow or if interested, please send an email to Tamiru@AbolCoffeeIn
Those of you who have not signed up for becoming Abol Coffee member yet, please see the attachment.
Abol coffee Inc. continues to conduct a century old Ethiopian coffee ceremony (a coffee break) bringing ALL TOGHETER telling Ethiopian story of our beautify in our diversity and the importance of ONENESS through coffee roasting, coffee crafts of basketry, pottery and weaving, coffee tasting,  coffee movie screenings as bringing communities to socialize and network.
Though of the day: The question is not what one expresses but what one perceives as the world is driven by perception and not by what one said or the reality.
Please share fwd this community bulletin to those who might be interested in what we are trying to do.
Thank you.
Tamiru Degefa
A father, a pioneer and a servant