We should join our hands and say enough!!

Reporter by: Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo

Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support organization Norway held a Demonstration against the repressive TPLF Regime to condemn the mass killing of Oromo students in Ethiopia. The demonstration took place in the capital city of Norway center on 8 May2014 from 15:00 hr till 17:30. The aim of the demonstration was to condemn action of Ethiopian government against genocide committed on Oromo student. Oromo student in Ethiopia especially who have joined higher education are raising their voice against unjust action of current ruling party of Ethiopia. On the other hand this dictatorial regime is responding to their request by bullets. As a result, many students have died and are dyeing along with theirs and their families dream.

Therefore, it was very crucial to address the matter to the rest of the world and condemn this act. DCESON has organized the demonstration and it was held successfully. Many Ethiopians from all over Norway have joined the demonstration with slogans that oppose this act of the government and Ethiopian flags on their hand. The demonstration headed to Norway parliament in Oslo. In addition to representative of DCESON, Representatives of Ethiopians associations such as Asylum seekers in Norway, Ethiopia community in Norway, Ethiopian women in Norway and many others have made a speech on the genocide committed by the government of Ethiopia on its own people.

Representative of Norway parliament has accepted Ethiopians request during the demonstration and made a speech regarding the demonstration and genocide. It is very critical Ethiopians all over the world address what Ethiopian government is imposing on its people. This is the only way we could defeat this tyrant. Till this day Ethiopia is known by poverty, injustice, genocide, human right abuses and we should join our hands and say enough. Enough to killing, enough to prisoning innocents, enough to land grabbing, enough to corrupting wealth of the country and the people, enough, enough, enough…..

God bless Ethiopia.

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