Who determines our Ethiopian ANBO status?

By Obo Arada Shawl

June thirteen, 2013

It seems quite a strange title and question. I believe it is, even to me. Here is what it stands for:-
A is for Adoption
N is for Naturalization
B is for Birth and
O is for Origin

When I wrote an article titled “50 years of opposition without proposition”, quite a few people suggested that I have to propose my own. That surprised me particularly when it came from a distinguished person who was exposed to Democracy vs. Communism in the context of Walleligne Makennon. Mr. Fanta Zewge not only was associated with Geography as a subject but he knows also its impact on Ethiopian societies. I am 100% sure he knew why Wallelign died for. I am also aware that he has been reading my articles and/or proposals. The following is an excerpt from the comments made on the forum of the educated Ethiopians.
My final observation is that given the time frame mentioned, Arada is mature and able enough to take the baton and step in. Harassing his old teachers on where they fell short does not a proposition make? Now that he has a deeper understanding of “truth” and the benefit of experience and hindsight, can he follow his edict and share his proposition . . . because the generation behind him is counting to 51 and beyond.
Ato Fanta Zewge has asked me to propose or lead the way instead of giving criticisms on the four professors of Andreas, Mesfin, Mesfin and Messai, My title may seem about critics nevertheless it was constructive one. All I said was that Ethiopians and Eritreans are at loss because of lack of Geography, Philosophy, political History and Littérateur. These four domains were within the reach of these four professors but they fail to deliver. Now Zewge seems to join them. My article –though some of them disqualify it as an article – tells a story of career professors meddling in things they don’t apply. That is all I wrote. See it posted in

Just to add a current point to the above discussion, we can see how Professor Mesfin WM is frustrated with the illiterate Tigrian peasants. It is posted in Ethiomedia.com. Professor wrote about ignorance and its impact on society. In one of my articles, I wrote about the literate, illiterate and the alliterate Ethiopians, and I doubt whether Professor WM saw it… I don’t know to whom professor is referring.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Eritrean Embassy in Washington DC and asked them for a travel visa. The receptionist asked me for an Eritrean ID. I gave him my ID of World Citizen. He seemed puzzled. He again asked for whatever Passport I had in possession. I gave him my World Passport but he became even more perplexed.

I was provided with an application form and from that form, I have deciphered the word ANBO. That is nationality, adoption, birth and origin.  Wow, how original!

No wonder that the Diaspora communities are at each other’s throat. ANBO or rather AMBO is a little town in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia. It is the place where the famous poet and drama writer Tsegaye GM has come to the Ethiopiawinet dogma. I have come from a village named ZGB (with no vowels in it). It is also just in the outskirts of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The irony is that one starts with the first alphabet of A and the other with the last letter of Z. My ideology is based on Ethiopianbo-logy. It is not the same thing with Ethiopiawinet. But this is for another day.

Migration (both emigration and immigration) is not an American invention. However, Immigrant and non-immigrant is purely an all American invention. The process of naturalization and citizenship has been perfected by the policy of the United States of America and it is still in the process for extra perfection. ‘Melting pot’ and ‘Diversity’ are concepts of competition and confrontation embraced by the American populace for two centuries. But the Ethiopian case is different, how different is another day’s topic too

For the time being you can address my status as an ANBO Ethiopian.

Truth will prevail

For questions and concerns