CALL ME BY MY NAME: Leadership style unfolds in Eathiopia

CALL ME BY MY NAME: Leadership style unfolds in Eathiopia
By Obo Arada Shawl

January 13, 2012

• EPRP leadership aimed for Ideology – Politics -Economics in the order given
• TPLF leaders aimed for Idea- Communication – wealth in that order
• EPLF leaders aimed for Faith – Love – Hope in that order
• OLF leaders aimed at DEMOCRACY – LOVE – LIBERTY in that order
• ELF leaders aimed at liberation – freedom – independence in that order

Leadership and management are two concepts sometimes interchangeable just like freedom and liberty. It has been very unfortunate that most Eathiopians have failed to recognize or deliberately avoided to differentiate these concepts.

The headlines above indicate the true path followed by each organization to liberate or democratize the country known as Eathiopia. To the naked eye or to the uninitiated, it seems that Ideology of EPRP equals to the Idea of TPLF and that the Faith of EPLF is equal to Democracy of OLF and so on and so forth, but deep inside they are far apart in consciousness than awareness. If the reader wishes to play with the equations, let him/her do so. I am just posing these equations for food of thought. The readers can challenge among themselves. For me the answer lies somewhere else.

In my previous symbol of BBB where the right hand B represents benefit: what is in there for me as being practiced by the TPLF Leadership, B on the left represents Blood: blood is thicker than water as practiced by EPLF leadership and the middle B represents belief for freedom and democracy as practiced respectively by the leadership of EPRP and OLF.

Despite four decades of struggle for whatever term we give it (liberation, people, revolution, and front etc.etc.) we still are unable to pin down our differences. Why? We are cowards. We all confuse our folks by not telling what is in our minds. For instance, those who want benefit, why don’t they say it loud and clear and those who want to help their ethnic why don’t they say so. Why hit around the bush. The majority of Eathiopians are tired of hearing denials by Shaebia’s supporters; lies by supporters of Woyanes and regrets by EPRP’s adherents and tampering of the true nature of DEMOCRACIA by OLF followers. Due to their credit ELF leaders are still in disarray figuring out what to do next.

Freedom in its simplest form is the opposite of FEAR. We should not camouflage it with other names and concepts. Why are the leaders of EPLF, TPLF, EPRP and OLF afraid to admit their mistakes or ignorance if there is any? After all, we all learn from our failures and not successes. This is the thesis.
As far as I am concerned, the EPLF leaders are afraid to admit that their colonial theory was dead wrong especially in the wake of the Ethiopian Revolution.

The TPLF leaders were totally wrong to follow and adopt the politics of EPLF and the Ideology of EPRP. TPLF leaders should not have been caught in between Revolution and Counter revolution for Peasant revolution does not last long as it did in Woyane I.

The EPRP leadership was short of explaining the role of democracy and its objective stand on peace to the Eathiopian public at large rather than its circle of influence. OLF leaders have failed to vocalize their stand to their own people as opposed to their so-called enemy.

The following authors have clearly been lost in the “jungle” of Eathiopian secrecy and conspiracy for achieving leadership style. This is the anti-thesis.

2011 is a year for the perception of EPRP’s collective leadership.

Makonnen Araya (MA), an author of a book titled “Negotiating a lion’s share of freedom” elucidates how the leadership of EPRP operates in their daily lives, in cooperating, leading and deciding. Ato Makonnen has vividly described the living conditions of Northern Eathiopia. It was not a living condition not to subscribe to a Revolution. The Eway Revolution was justified.

What was more significant for Ato Makonnen is the peaceful condition of leaving the on going Revolution. Mr. Makonnen has resigned from the organization of EPRP and now lives in the West Coast of the United States of America

Another book authored by Ato Ayalew Yimam narrated that he spent many years trying to find the inner core leadership of EPRP and in the end he thought he found it but it was “empty shell and does nothing except protecting its inner circle”. Ato Ayalew in his book titled “Yankee, Go Home” ultimately has escaped from EPRP and currently resides in the East Coast of the United States of America.

Menghistu Haile Mariam in his book titled “Tiglachin” wrote on page 461-462 “that as usual those who decide and those who prepare the trap were EPRP’s high members of leadership. Berhane Meskel Redda (BMR) and Getachew Maru did not agree to assassinate me. Menghistu believes “that EPRP members did not agree all the time including killings. This and other information were possible to get from those who rectify their decisions willingly gave their words once they returned from their party thrown and bitten by the population.” Rhetoric’s of Menghistu Haile Mariam, dictator vs. democracia is exposed. This is synthesis.

Menghistu is in Zimbabwe, Africa badly beaten and shamed of his actions. We hope we will hear more of him.

EPRP is still well and alive in its democratic struggle. It has endorsed its successor of Youth Generation known as WeKind.

On November 19, 2011 while celebrating its 39th year of anniversary of EPRP, some of its leadership members have reiterated their decision of their successors which is the main thing in the Eathiopian politics for succession.

The question is who is right in knowing the nature and style of leadership of EPRP. The answer is no one. It goes with the territory. EPRP is for DEMOCRACIA and Freedom. Freedom and democracy belongs to the Eathiopian people. As it was not for Haile Sellasie or Menghistu, it will be for neither Issaiyas nor Melese. The people will decide. This is the conclusion.

The Eathiopian struggle for Eway Ethiopian Revolution will continue with its unique style of leadership and membership.


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