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Ceding Ethiopian land to foreigners is condemnable
Press Releases
Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP)

August 16, 2009


Following the EPRP press release condemning the ceding of fertile Ethiopian land to foreigners (August 5/2009), the regime of Meles Zenawi has tried to deny its questionable and condemnable policy of ceding more than 2.7 million hectares of fertile Ethiopian land to foreign firms and companies.

The regime's agricultural ministry officials claim that Ethiopia has millions of hectares of arable land that are not in use (their logic states that the land must thus be handed to foreigners and that ceding land in this way will bring foreign currency to the country.

These flimsy arguments have been challenged by many quarters who correctly state that while Ethiopians starve foreigners should not be allowed to produce in Ethiopia and export the same to their own country. The main land grabbers in Ethiopia come from India, China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Over 1.7 million hectares of the arable land is to be given to the investors before the next harvest season. All in all 8000 foreign companies have applied for land and the competition is cut throat while already 200 have acquired land.

The EPRDF officials are arguing that large scale commercial farms are the solution for ending famine and hunger but this does not hold true when the commercial farms are foreign owned and the produce is taken out of the country as a whole. That foreign countries feed their own people will not mean the end of hunger in Ethiopia.

The traitorous regime handed over Ethiopian land to the Sudan and had the gall to claim the land was not inhabited by Ethiopians. The assertion was false but then again one does not hand over a country's land claiming it is not inhabited. Yet, the Meles regime is anti-Ethiopian and only after money to hoard in foreign banks. The ceding of land to foreign investors does not have Ethiopian interest in mind and is contrary to the interest of the Ethiopian people.

The EPRP condemns this policy and act and reminds the foreign investors that they are acting against our people and would have to bear the consequences in due course of time.

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