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End of tyranny is panacea for Africa's woes
Press Releases

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP)

August 12, 2009


A square peg for a round hole or, as Ethiopians say, a blanket for a starving man. In other words irrelevant and that is precisely what comes to mind when we consider the scope and impact of the visit by secretary of state Hilary Clinton to seven African nations. To begin with one wonders why Secretary Clinton avoided visiting Ethiopia where Meles Zenawi a staunch US ally was recently praised as the man who brought democracy to Ethiopia by none other than Clinton's deputy Johnnie Carson.

Secretary Clinton's visit takes her to tyrants noted for corruption, bad governance and vote rigging such as Kibaki in Kenya, Umaru Musa Yar'Adua in Nigeria, Kabila junior in the Congo and Dos Santos in Angola. Not that the Cape Verde coup makers are savoury democrats. It is apparent that the main aim of the Clinton's visit is to counter the growing influence of China in oil and mineral rich countries and also to assure increased trade between these countries and the USA. Already, Washington depends on Africa for 26% of its oil imports and this figure is expected to rise even more in the coming years.

Secretary Clinton may go through the motions of talking here and there about human rights and good governance but she has yet to address the fundamental problem of dictatorship and tyranny in Africa in a meaningful way. For, the problems of Africa are primarily linked to the absence of democracy and to the perpetuation of dictatorships linked to the West in a myriad of ways.

The violence in the Congo for one is linked to what people are now calling conflict minerals, that is to say the coltan, tin and gold that the West needs so much for its electronic products. What Clinton called "unspeakable violence against women and girls in the Congo "(some 100,000) have been raped and destroyed by the militia linked to the western mining companies) and the government troops whom Clinton promised to arm even more. Any local reason for the conflict aside, the war in Eastern Congo is primarily a war for minerals. None of the rapists have been apprehended or brought before a court of law. The solution for this can hardly be a promise to beef up the rapist army while at the same time expressing verbal sympathy with the millions dead the thousands

raped and ruined. Angola, Nigeria and the Congo are rich in minerals and oil but their peoples are starving and oppressed because of the tyrannies in these countries. That is the main problem. A new deal from America should deal with such realities and not go on the usual unjust path of business as usual while declaring inanities about human rights.

The EPRP supports the call for an end to dictatorship and tyranny in Africa, the call for transparency in the trade for minerals in Eastern Congo, the call for no tolerance for vote riggers and perpetrators of massacres, and sanctions on and vigorous actions against dictatorships.

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