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Meles goes Meles stays - a non issue diversion
Press Releases

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP)

June 24 2009


The deceptive regime of Meles Zenawi is adept at fabricating false slogans and fake priorities which it cleverly passes to foreign news medias and agencies. In this vein, it has recently circulated a non issue like the possible stepping down of Meles Zenawi from his post as prime minister and tried to cover up the main point that the coming 2010 election is going to be rigged and false as has been witnessed before.

Will Meles Zenawi step down as prime minister? Will he continue? This is a non issue and a totally irrelevant subject as far as the Ethiopian people is concerned. Meles is a tyrant, a man who has headed a murderous regime for 18 years and should be judged for crimes against humanity and for genocide. The replacement of Meles by another similar thug from his party/front is meaningless to Ethiopians yearning for democracy.

Hence, the media hype and bla bla on the eventual resignation of the tyrant is a non issue, a diversion, a deception. The main interest of Ethiopians is to see the end of the ethnic Tigrean chauvinist regime headed by Meles and not to see the replacement of Meles by another handpicked Tigrean or non Tigrean tyrant. The main issue pertaining to the coming general election is that it would be rigged and that the result is already known: the Meles regime has assured itself victory by assuring the electoral law and the electoral commission are under its control or in its favor.

Back in 2005, the Meles outfit lost the election but it retained power through repression and flagrant rigging. For the coming election, it has prepared itself to assure victory, even the loyal opposition is handicapped, and it is within this context that the regime has introduced the issue of the alleged resignation of Meles Zenawi from his PM post. A non issue par excellence, so long as the repressive ruling front continues to hold the reins of power.

The EPRP has firmly stated that the coming 2010 general election is a sham and a parody of a free and fair election. That Meles Zenawi steps down or not is of no significance so long as the repressive system continues. Meles as no longer PM or as head of the ruling party or as a non official does not mean any change so long as the ruling TPLF/EPRDF maintains absolute power.

Election under the ruling front has been an affront to democracy and free and fair election principles. Come to 2010 the injustice will repeat itself. This is why Ethiopians are against the hype around the 2010 election or the orchestrated fate of the tyrant called Meles Zenawi.

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