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Profiting from Ethiopian Blood
Press Releases
Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP)

October 29 2008



The ongoing hue and cry over a possible withdrawal of the invading troops of Meles Zenawi from Somalia is but a smokescreen for a greedy enterprise that has profited from the blood of ordinary Ethiopians. Meles Zenawi invaded Somalia for no strategic Ethiopian concern but he and his regime wanted to profit financially, politically and militarily from the undertaking. In the process, thousands of Somalis and Ethiopians have perished.

The withdrawal promises to be a sham unless there is, once again, a "profit" for the Meles regime. By invading Somalia, the Meles regime obtained stronger political support from Washington, millions of dollars and logistical support, millions of dollars more for the training of Somali Special Forces and soldiers, modern military equipment to take part in the so called war on terror. Inside Somalia, Meles Zenawi and his top officials have coordinated with the generals in the field to shake down Somali businessmen in Mogadishu and other places to the tune of millions of dollars. The invasion is one big profitable business operation on the part of the cruel regime that continues to strike against the interest of the Ethiopian people.

The invasion of Somalia has led to a disaster. Thousands of Somalis have been forced out of their homes or killed, many Ethiopians sacrificed, the force that the invaders wanted to destroy further strengthened and the overall situation in the Horn of Africa further destabilized. The architects of this invasion, from near and afar, have committed a serious blunder that has exposed our peoples to a catastrophe that seems to have no end. The Meles regime is right in the middle of the disaster, drawn like a hyena to a donkey, out for the kill, sacrificing lives for cash and political profit. In the process, the Somali and Ethiopian peoples are suffering for no reason, forced to reap hatred that may last for generations.

This is why the EPRP continues to denounce the invasion and the Meles
regime that is shedding blood for financial and political profit.

P.O.Box 73337 BP 22
Washington D.C. 20056 U.S.A


Bois Colombes 92270

Tel. : (202) 291-4217
Fax : (202) 291-7645


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