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Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP)

October 3, 2008


Leave aside the increasing violence and mayhem in Mogadishu and other places, the recent report that the Somali Transitional Government is to be moved out of Somalia to Nairobi is enough proof that the invasion by the troops of Meles Zenawi has turned into a complete fiasco.

The Meles Zenawi regime sent troops to invade Somalia and fell into the marsh even as it boasted of fast and lightning victory over the Islamic Courts militia there. It was an ill advised move that was destined to further complicate the Somali civil strife and, as a consequence, also to aggravate the insurgency in the Ogaden region.

The EPRP condemned the invasion and called on immediate withdrawal, to let the Somali people solve their own problems by themselves, to seek a better global solution to the ongoing war. The Meles regime refused to heed the voices of reason and prompted by its own political need to toe the line and get support from a foreign power whose foreign policy in the region has proved a failure, it sent in troops and is not only bogged down in Somalia but is committing atrocities that would spoil the relations between the fraternal peoples of Somalia and Ethiopia. In the Ogaden too, the regime is engaged in a scorched earth anti-insurgency campaign that has brought death and suffering on the people there.

Now that Somalia is in a deplorable situation thanks to the invasion and the violence of the invading troops it is obvious that the solution for the Somali conflict demands first of all the withdrawal of the invading troops of Meles Zenawi. There is absolutely no justification for Ethiopians to die in dozens in Somalia, no justification for atrocities to be committed by the soldiers against the people of Somalia. That this horrible adventure has little or nothing to do with the so called anti terror war has also been proved by its failure in this so called mission. The people of Ethiopia are suffering under a big famine, economic penury, the lack of good governance and gross violation of human rights under the Meles regime. This is their primary problem and not any militia in Somalia.

Invading troop must withdraw from Somalia without any delay. The atrocities in the Ogaden must stop.

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Washington D.C. 20056 U.S.A


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