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April 25/2008


The disastrous invasion of Somlia by the troops of Meles Zenawi has led to indescriable suffering on the part of the fraternal people of Somalia and to countless deaths of Ethiopians. Recent fighting in Mogadishu left dozens of Ethiopians dead and more than a hundred Somalis killed by the indiscriminate shelling and fire of the soldiers of Meles and colonelAbdullahi Yusuf. Worse still, there are credible reports that the Meles soldiers slit the throats of innocent worshippers in a Mogadishu mosque.

The EPRP not only condemns the atrocities committed by the troops of Meles in Somalia but once again calls on the immediate withdrawal of all these invading soldiers. The invasion of Somalia by the troops of Meles has proved to be one big disastrous action in the troubled Horn region that can hardly afford such blunders. Leaving aside the basic stand that the Somali people are the ones who should solve their own political problems, the invasion sponsored by foreign motives with little or no regard or relevance to the national interest of the people of Ethiopia can hardly be considered wise and proper.

The tyrant Meles, a veteran in uttering lies and deceptive semantics, has his own political agenda in terms of currying favor from Washington and it is hardly surprising that he talked of victory and withdrawal "within a few weeks" and prattles on as if all is normal and the mission is being accomplished. Thousands of invading soldiers are bogged down facing a growing insurgency, the proxy war with Eritrea has intensified, hundreds of soldiers have been killed, thousands ofSomalis have died and more than a million displaced, the wobbling transitional government of Colonel Yusuf is as weak as ever and Somali has found no peace.

By all measures, the invasion is an unmitigated disaster that has, among other things, complicated the internal problems of Ethiopia itself. The ongoing conflict in the Ogaden region has worsened and in this region the Meles regime is also committing atrocities against innocent people under the cover of fighting an insurgent group. The failure of the invading force to gain the upper hand over the insurgents has frustrated thegenerals of Meles and these have let their soldiers loose on the populace. The slitting of throatsand other atrocities are intended to terrorize the Somali people and to push them to acceptthe invading force. This same policy has been used against the Ethiopian people time and again. The human rights violation of the Meles troops in Somalia is more than gross. The so called war against terror is but a sham cover for what is aggression, invasion and plain murder.

The Meles war is not Ethiopia's war by any measure and this is why the EPRP and the people of Ethiopia condemn the invasion and call for immediate withdrawal. The Somali people should be left alone and assisted only in their own search for peace and stability. Killing women and children and committing atrocities are of no value--the hundreds of wounded in the armed forces hospital in Addis Ababa and in hospitals in Harar and other places attest to the fact that the insurgency in Somalia is not vanishing. On the contrary, it isspreading and adding to the instability of the Horn in general.

The attempt by Meles to blameforeign countries for his own blunders (such as the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar) will not cover the fact that the only way out of the malaise is to effect an immediate withdrawal and end the interference in the affairs of the people of Somalia. EPRP condemns the atrocities committed on the people of Somalia and calls for an immediate withdrawal of the troops of Meles.

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