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Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party(EPRP)

December 21/2007


The Meles Zenawi diatribe against the UN and its agencies is not new as the tyrant has proved himself to be a determined liar. As he denies the catastrophic situation in Somalia, we remember that he had denied the massacre in Gambella ("fiction") and is still trying to pull the wool over our eyes to cover the brutal repression in the Ogaden.

Meles Zenawi denounces the UN and its agencies for what he terms "hype and exaggeration" in their reporting of the situation in Somalia which the dictator has said maybe difficult but has "improved considerably". The reality shows instead that the invasion by the troops sent by Meles has more than worsened the situaion in Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have been forced to flee from Mogadishu, thousands have been killed, brutalities, rape and indiscriminate shootings and killings have been recorded. The morale of the troops sent by Meles is so low that the dictator had to confer about it with his senior army officers just a week ago. The illegal invasion of Somalia is another sad "mission accomplished" when all it had achieved is intensifying the havoc in that troubled land. The search for the alleged terrorists has borne no fruit while many innocent Somalis and other foreigners have been kidnapped and jailed in a secret prison in Ethiopia. The claim that the Islamic Court militia has been dealt a devastating blow has proved wishful thinking as the militia forces have regrouped and the Al Shabab insurgents are inflciting heavy casualties on the invading force and the soldiers of the wobbling transitional government headed by the ailing colonel Abdullahi Yusuf.

There is no denying that Somali is in the throes of a terrible situation caused in major part by the Meles Zenawi regime. Hence, his denunciation of the UN is baseless and a crude attempt to cover up for his illegal and criminal policy in Somalia. The way out of the mess and the catastrophe can only begin with the withdrawal of the invading troops and by putting an end to the heavy handed interference of Meles Zenawi 's regime in Somalia.

The EPRP expresses its solidarity with the people in Somalia and with the soldiers sent there to invade a country and to be victims in a war that does not conern them or Ethiopia at all.

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Washington D.C. 20056

Bois Colombes 92270 France

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