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Stop covering up the crimes of Meles Zenawi Cabal
Press Releases

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party(EPRP)

March 8, 2010


The Meles Zenawi regime is presently using food aid donated for 14 million famine victims to further its political aims--insisting that the starving be a member of the front to get any food aid. The situation has been exposed and condemned but there is hardly a pip being heard from the donor countries.

The same as the situation back in 1984-5 when the Tigrai People's Liberation Front diverted food aid to the famine victims in Tigrai, sold grain and sugar in the Sudan, diverted more than a hundred million dollars to its secret bank account (Saudi American Bank in Jeddah, Barclays London, Citibank NY, etc...).

The crime of the TPLF leaders led to the deaths of thousands of Tigrean famine victims. Thousands who were forced to trek from Tigrai for hundreds of kilometres to the Wedi Kewli camp near the Sudanese border on the Gondar side perished from diseases and the toll of hunger and the long march. The action was undertaken by force in exchange
for food and financial help by Washington which was out "to embarrass" the pro-Soviet Mengistu regime. That the TPLF duped some of the NGOs (one "victim"--Christian Aid--is pathetically trying to deny the fact) while others knew and helped the TPLF in the diversion of the aid to the famine victims.

The action of the TPLF was exposed repeatedly by the EPRP for one back in 1984-85 but none of the concerned donors wanted to listen. Now that some ex-TPLF members and leaders are exposing the fact, the NGOs and the TPLF (now in power thanks to the help it got under the cover of famine aid) are desperately trying to discredit the witnesses and to deny the fact. The fact also shows that the aid from Band Aid was one of the help that was diverted for the use of the TPLF for buying arms and for fattening its coffers.

The accusation directed against some of the NGOs is not baseless. Oxfam UK, Save the Children, IRS, German NGOs, Sweden, Norway, War on Want, UNICEF, the Gayle Smiths (she later became Clinton's advisor on African Affairs at the NSA), Grassroots International, IRS, CARE and World Vision are among those who knew that the TPLF was using famine aid to strengthen itself militarily and financially.

There was an insistent call made by the EPRP and others not to hand over food aid to the TPLF or the Mengistu regime as they would surely divert it but this was not heeded.

And why it was not heeded was precisely because there was a coordinated policy by the West (with USA in the lead) to strengthen the TPLF and to overthrow the pro Soviet Mengistu regime and famine aid was used as a convenient cover for the operation that was launched after vice president George Bush Sr. visited Khartoum and agreed with Sudanese president Jaffar al Nimeri.

These are all facts that cannot be hidden even though there are still
those who participated in the criminal act (Abadi Zemo, Gebru Asrat) who try to deny it. The campaign against the Mengistu regime turned into a virtual campaign against Ethiopia (by helping bring an anti Ethiopian cruel group to power). Those who aided and abetted the TPLF in the inhuman act that cost the lives of thousands of Tigreans would do better to admit their mistakes rather than to make futile attempt at a cover up.

The Ethiopian people know the fact. Thousands of citizens who were starving were sacrificed at the altar of cold war politics in an operation that benefited the cruel TPLF thugs.

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