Author Topic: The million dollar question about Africa  (Read 1660 times)


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The million dollar question about Africa
« on: November 12, 2018, 01:17:11 PM »
The million dollar question about Africa

Tidiane Kasse
Research shows that, in 40 years time, if the rate at which synthetic product is developing remains constant, the world will find synthetic substitute for many raw materials. Now, the world, today, dominantly depend on Africa's raw materials for it's survival, evidently research proves that Africa supplies 60% of the world's raw materials. We also know that US/EU capitalists are only interested in providing Africa with 'AIDS', loans and other grants, primarily because of their interest in our raw materials. Now, the million dollar question is, should the world succeed in completely finding a synthetic substitute for our raw materials, and, in turn, disregard its dependence on Africa's resources, which will ultimately mean, those who grants 'AIDS'  to many African countries halt that, what will that mean for Africa, are we going to die off?

Currently, 40% of Ghana's national budget is supplemented by 'AIDS', and whoever supplies the 'AIDS' is only doing so because of the benefit it derives from Ghana. So once the 'AIDS' provider finds no interest in our resources due to discovery of synthetic substitute, where will Ghana find that 40% supplement?

These are some issues that policy makers and leaders should project their mind on.

It will also interest one to wonder why these Europeans are making so much effort to find such synthetic substitutes, because it's obvious that they have all African leaders and resources under their thumb, and it looks like there's no hope for Africa regaining her dignity and resources. Well, in my opinion, I think it's more of fear than strength that has spurred these Europeans into the act of finding cheaper synthetic substitute for the world's raw materials. This is due to the fear that, which will eventually happen, Africa one day will rise up, wake up, and claim ownership of her resources and dignity and concentrate her resources to the development of Africa. European imperialists and capitalists are taking advantage of the power and wealth they posses today to circumvent the occurrence that is bound to happen, in order to find means to keep her self on the safer edge, even when Africa withdraw her resources from these Europeans. My criteria is the experience European imperialists have had from the revolution of slavery and colonialism.

It's up to African masses to rise and kick out current crop of misleaders, establish a genuine and patriotic leaders, such that we utilize our resources to the development and improvement of the African.

Osei Agyemang