Reading in Ethiopic Scripts online

To read in Ethiopic you need one components. That is Ethiopic font. Since Ethiopic started to penetrate computers there were many different but incompatible systems. But for about 5 years there emerged one international standard called Unicode. So if you have a Unicode compliant Ethiopic font you can read any document that is written by another Unicode compliant font. There are many such fonts and most of them are free and almost every one is using them now. You have links to this fonts here so download them.

Writing in Ethiopic Scripts

If you want to write in Ethiopic you need one component more. that is a keyboard driver. That is where the tavultesoft keyboard driver comes in. It hijacks the keyboard clicks you make and tells the computer to send Ethiopic characters instead of the English.

If you find a computer with Ethiopic font but without the keyboard driver you can still write in Ethiopic if you are online.

Go to or . Write some thing in the box before that says “hid” “??”. You will be offered to open a page and edit it. Go to the edit page and there you can start typing. when you finish you can cut/copy from there and paste it in your word processor or email program.

But don’t forget to delete it when you finish. Don’t save it there unless you want the world to see your private communication.

Following are links to unicode Ethiopic Fonts:

Free Ethiopic fonts and keyboard downloads

washra (package of several fonts and a virtual keyboard)

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